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farrah fawcett funeral photos

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A private funeral for actress Farrah Fawcett will be held at the Catholic cathedral of Los Angeles next Tuesday, church officials said on Friday.

The service for the former "Charlie's Angels" actress will take place at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels at 4 p.m. PDT (1900 EDT).

Fawcett, 62, died on Thursday after suffering a long and public battle with anal cancer.

Here is tribute for Farrah Fewcett..

DIPRIVAN -- Depravan --Diprivan Drug

DIPRIVAN comes in a special glass container which may be a vial or a syringe. This will be supplied to your anaesthetist. DIPRIVAN is given by an injection into a vein, usually in the forearm or the back of the hand. Your anaesthetist may use a fine plastic tube called a cannula. The amount of DIPRIVAN you are given will be decided by your anaesthetist. DIPRIVAN may be given via a syringe driver or by a computer controlled pump called the Diprifusor(R) under the immediate supervision of the anaesthetist. In longer operations, or if you are having DIPRIVAN to sedate you, the anaesthetist may use an electric pump to control or slow the injection. The dose of DIPRIVAN will be adjusted to keep you at the right depth of sleep or sedation. The dose of DIPRIVAN needed for sedation is less than that needed for anaesthesia. If you are older, a child, or have some kind of heart trouble, your anaesthetist may be able to use lower doses to get the right depth of sleep or sedation.

General Anaesthesia DIPRIVAN is used as a short-acting general anaesthetic that can be given into the blood stream through a needle. It is used in adults, and children aged one month and older. A general anaesthetic is a medicine which produces general anaesthesia. This is the condition of heavy sleep needed during surgery. Short-acting means that a patient goes to sleep quickly, usually within 30 seconds of receiving DIPRIVAN, but then
wakes up quickly as it wears off. It can be used for very short operations when only one injection or dose is needed. DIPRIVAN can be used for longer operations if more is given as repeat doses (maintenance anaesthesia). It can be used to start off an anaesthetic (induction anaesthesia). This means that the anaesthetist may change over to a gas anaesthetic after you have gone to sleep.

DIPRIVAN can also be given to adults slowly in low doses if you need to be sedated or sleepy, but do not need the heavy sleep of anaesthesia. Some people require DIPRIVAN for this use during special tests which may be called procedures. After some operations it is useful to keep a patient sedated while they are in the "intensive care" area. Your anaesthetist may need to give you a pain-relieving or relaxing medicine. Every anaesthetic is different and depends on the particular operation, procedure or medical care you are having. Your anaesthetist and surgeon are trained to look after every need you have while you are asleep or having a procedure done. He or she will decide which medicine to use as and when a need arises.

The interment of Michael Jackson will bigger than the interment of Elvis Presley

Michael Jackson

LOS ANGELES - The interment of Michael Jackson can be predict will be on this week. More than 200 thousands people will be come. It means, this intermant will be outreach of interment of Elvis Presley.

If there is more than 200 thousands people on this interment, it means Michael Jackson more bigger than Elvis Presley. But, when the interment of Lady Diana more than 250 thousands people came.

Some issue that Jacko's body will be interment on stadium like Staples Centre on Los Angles.

The result autopsy of Michael Jackson become hoax

LOS ANGELES - Claim of the result autopsy of Michael Jackson that released by The Sun become hoax for somehow. The officer of Los Angels said, the result of autopsy of Michael Jackson never released by them.
They said, " The result of autopsy is not from us. We don't know where the information comes from. We can say a few of the result is hoax. The body of Michael Jackson (Jacko) is not bald and a beam of Jacko is not broke"
The Sun News Paper on monday, June 29 2009, said about leak of autopsy of Jacko. There is sign of needle on their haunch, thigh and shoulder, it caused by medicine. Beside that there is cut on their body cause by surgery.

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William E. May or Billy May

William E.May, people also known as Billy May, was born on November 10, 1916 at pittsburgh (pennsylvania). He died on January 22, 2004. He was American Composer, arranger and musician. He died cause by heath failure at 87 years old in San Juan Capistrano, California. He played trumpet in big bands Charlie Barnet on 1939. His arrangement of the Ray Noble composition "Cherokee" became a major hit of the swing music era. During the Barnet days, May revealed a significant flair for satire on a composition titled "The Wrong Idea", composed with Charlie Barnet, that ridiculed the bland "Mickey Mouse" style of safe big band music with specific musical mockery of bandleader Sammy Kaye, known for his "swing and sway" trademark. May's caustic lyrics to the song called it "swing and sweat with Charlie Barnet"

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Don Cornelius --- Ojays

Personal Information

Born September 27, 1936, in Chicago, IL; married Delores Harrison, 1956; children: Anthony, Raymond.
Education: Attended broadcasting school, 1966.
Military/Wartime Service: U.S. Marines, c. 1954-55, served in Korea.


Insurance salesman, Golden State Mutual Life, 1956-66; announcer, WVON, Chicago, IL, 1966; sports anchor, A Black View of the News, WCIU-TV, Chicago, beginning in 1968; creator, producer, and host of Soul Train, first aired on August 17, 1970, nationally syndicated, 1971--; founder, with Dick Griffey, of Soul Train Records, 1975; creator of Soul Train Music Awards, 1987, and Soul Train Comedy Awards (nationally-syndicated special honoring African-American comedy performers), first annual telecast, August 3, 1993.

Life's Work

Like the cartoon locomotive that opens every episode of Soul Train, silky voiced Don Cornelius has become a staple of the popular dance show. Host and producer of Soul Train, Cornelius pioneered the dance party, which is one of television's only shows geared toward the musical tastes of black teenagers. A shrewd businessman conscious of his position as a black independent producer, he has also been a critic of the television establishment's attitudes toward African Americans.

Don Cornelius was born in Chicago on September 27, 1936. He grew up on Chicago's predominantly black South Side and attended DuSable High School, where he studied art and drew cartoons for the school newspaper. After graduating from DuSable in 1954, he joined the U.S. Marines and served on a Korean airbase for 18 months.

Upon returning to Chicago in 1956, Cornelius married his childhood sweetheart, Delores Harrison. The young couple soon had two children--Anthony in 1958 and Raymond in 1959--and money was too short for Cornelius to afford college. "I needed money to support my family," he told Billboard, "so I sold tires, cars, and insurance."

Cornelius did well as a salesman; by 1966 he was making $250 a week. But the arts tempted him. He wanted to become a radio announcer. "People always talked about my voice," he recalled in Billboard, "so I took a broadcasting course as a lark."

The $400 Cornelius paid for the course was money well spent. In 1966 he landed a part-time job as an announcer with WVON in Chicago. His take-home pay wasn't quite what he was used to--only $100 a week--but he was fulfilling an ambition. "I started as a newsman, but I was also the swing [overnight] man," he explained in Billboard. "I filled in as an all-around substitute at WVON. I felt I had to justify my job there.... It was a very black station. I was sitting in for DJs and newspeople, doing public affairs outside the station, doing the talk show, and doing commercials." The job was a whirlwind, though, and the constant schedule changes began to wear on Cornelius. When Roy Wood, Cornelius's superior and mentor at WVON, moved to WCIU-TV, a small UHF television station, young Don began moonlighting for his former boss.

When Cornelius joined WCIU, he already had Soul Train in mind. He took the name from a traveling music show he had hosted for WVON. The format--featuring dancing teenagers and popular records--came from Dick Clark's American Bandstand. What made Soul Train different was its black music format. WCIU's management was already attempting "ethnic" programming, so when Cornelius pitched his idea, they agreed to give it a try.

Cornelius had the go-ahead from the station; all he needed was a sponsor. His Soul TrainBillboard. "When I went in I expected him to tell me what so many others had said about programming for Blacks. The theory that Blacks 'need' cultural or historical programs and not necessarily entertainment." pitch, however, landed on deaf ears in the corporate community, until he met George O'Hare, a merchandise manager at Sears, Roebuck & Co. who offered some assistance. "George was a guy that ... was always receptive to new concepts," Cornelius commented in

On August 17, 1970, the very first Soul Train premiered on WCIU-TV Channel 26. "The show centered on a live appearance by singer Jerry Butler [then of the Impressions] and dancers and myself in some goofy outfit we came up with," Cornelius related in Billboard. "But aside from the fact that it was the most inexpensive package imaginable, it was basically what we do today, same style and attitude."

Cornelius hosted the show, produced it, and sold all the advertising. Within weeks Soul TrainSoul Train. They felt they could get the same audience by advertising on "white," or general audience, shows. It was a struggle, but Cornelius and his winning ratings finally convinced Wate-On, Joe Louis Milk, and Coca-Cola to join Sears as sponsors. became Chicago's Number One show among blacks. Yet many companies still did not see a need to advertise on

Cornelius realized that Soul Train would do well in other cities where there was no black-oriented television programming. He began to plan a nationally syndicated Soul Train to be broadcast throughout the country. Sponsorship was again the key. But this time things went a little more smoothly. He found the perfect primary sponsor in George Johnson, president of Johnson Products, a black-owned manufacturer of hair and facial cosmetics. Soul Train' s audience was composed of the same people who bought most of Johnson's products--young blacks.

Soul Train went on the air October 2, 1971, and was aired once a week. Produced at Hollywood's Metromedia Studios, it was glitzier and more colorful than the Chicago version, but in all other respects it was the same. Cornelius was confident of success. "Because of Chicago, I knew something that most of my doubters didn't know, and when they smirked, I smiled," he noted in Billboard. "I also knew George Johnson's criteria for quality and I was determined to attain it."

The national show had its doubters, however. The syndicating agency was able to debut Soul Train in only 7 of the 25 areas Cornelius had targeted. "Practically all the stations that turned the show down had no other black-oriented entertainment shows running," Cornelius pointed out in Billboard. Luckily, even television stations find it hard to argue with success. Within eight months all 25 were showing Soul Train. And, in August of 1972, Cornelius signed a $1 million advertising deal with Johnson Products.

Soul Train' s popularity brought Cornelius into direct conflict with Dick Clark and American Bandstand. In 1973 civil rights activist Jesse Jackson--whose Chicago-based Operation PUSH was regularly boosted on Soul Train-- told Rolling Stone, " Soul Train 's success ... has partially been at the expense of Dick Clark's American Bandstand.... Soul Train has consistently outrated and overshadowed Bandstand. "

According to Jackson, the powerful Clark was taking steps to get his audience back. First he recruited Soul Train dancers for Bandstand. Then he began producing Soul Unlimited, a program that essentially copied Soul Train. Backed by the powerful ABC-TV network, Soul Unlimited posed a serious threat to Soul Train, which had no network affiliation. According to a Rolling Stone correspondent, Cornelius called Clark's action an "overt attempt to seize control of the black-oriented TV."

The Soul Train / American Bandstand controversy was short-lived. Clark and Cornelius discussed the matter, and Clark dropped Soul Unlimited while offering to coproduce some black specials with Cornelius for ABC. Despite its racial overtones, the conflict seemed less a struggle between black and white and more a contest over the Saturday afternoon audience.

By 1974, 95 stations were showing Soul Train. "I'd like to say it was a struggle," Cornelius told Billboard, "but it really wasn't; it just was a thing that was so long overdue that it caught on instantaneously. The point is that there should be far more than just that one hour of Black-oriented entertainment. Anybody could see that there was a market there, but it's so difficult to get something like that started unless you get ... money and some kind of reputation."

In 1975 Cornelius and Dick Griffey--a promoter and talent coordinator on Soul TrainSoul Train '75, which featured participants from the television show, and an album by the Whispers, a group that included Jody Watley, a former Soul Train dancer and later a popular solo recording artist. After three years Soul Train Records folded when Cornelius and Griffey went their separate ways. Cornelius concentrated on television, while Griffey formed SOLAR Records. --formed Soul Train Records. Distributed by RCA, the label concentrated on a few new artists and released only 12 albums a year. Initial disks included

As successes such as 6:20 Soul Train, the British version of the dance show, continued, Cornelius remained true to his original idea--a dance party featuring black performers and dancers. "Most of the people who get invited to do our show don't get any other national television," he observed in the Washington Times. "It's a very important responsibility to keep it going, so that black folks in music have a means of getting on television."

One problem that did come up was scheduling. Many stations were putting Soul Train on late at night rather than keeping it in its regular Saturday morning slot. "There was and still is," Cornelius acknowledged in Billboard, "a trend toward putting all music shows on at night or in the middle of the night.... I disagreed with it because so many young people watch our show and they obviously can't see it at 2 o'clock in the morning."

In December of 1982 Cornelius was hospitalized to undergo life-threatening brain surgery. The operation, which lasted 21 hours, was performed to prevent the risk of possible leakage Soul Train in March of 1983. or hemorrhaging of blood vessels in his brain. After an absence of six months, Cornelius began taping new episodes of

In 1986 Cornelius established the Soul Train Music Awards, the first and at that time, the only music awards show dedicated exclusively to black musicians. The show has proven astonishingly popular, drawing the kind of advertising Cornelius and Soul Train have always tried to attract. For the 1990 awards Chrysler Corporation became Soul Train' s first advertiser from the automotive industry. "We're finally getting--particularly for the awards show--the major advertisers ... that probably should have been advertising on Soul Train for the last 20 years." Cornelius declared in the Los Angeles Times in 1990. "We were stereotyped to where we weren't supposed to sell anything but black hair-care products and records. Of course, now it's known that we buy tires and shoes and houses too."

By 1992 Soul Train had become the longest-running music program in the history of syndication. Distributed by Tribune Entertainment Company since 1985, the show has influenced the way people listen and dance to music. "Twenty years ago every region of the country had its own style," Cornelius pointed out in Interview. "But now dancing--at least street dancing--has become a universal language, and I think that's due to television in general and Soul Train in particular."

Despite his personal success, Cornelius remains critical of the television establishment. "Programs produced by blacks specifically aimed at blacks" are still scarce, he was quoted as saying in the Washington Times. "Blacks have the option to listen to black radio stations or white radio stations. Read black magazines or white magazines.... But with television we're not able to choose the kind of television entertainment we see, except maybe once or twice a week." (Answer.com)

Here is Don Cornelius show:

Britney Spears

In an emotional and candid interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, pop icon Britney Spears talks about the state of her marriage, motherhood, the tabloids criticism about her skills as a mom, and why the paparazzi have gone too far. The exclusive interview will air on Thursday, June 15 on “Today” 7 a.m. and “Dateline” (9 p.m.)

In the interview at her home, Lauer asks Spears why she is speaking out now and she explains that the tabloids have gone too far by intruding on her private moments and taking photographs of her on private property. “They’ve crossed the line a little bit,” says Spears, “...they like to have the person they pick on, I feel like I’m a target.”

Despite the tabloids reports of trouble on the home front, Spears shares with Lauer that her marriage with Kevin Federline is “awesome,” and that the reports of Kevin living in the basement are false. She talks about why she loves him, and reveals to Lauer, “He helps me. He has to. I’m (an) emotional wreck right now.” When asked if she feels people are rooting against her marriage, Spears says she doesn’t know, “If they are that’s sad. I think everybody should be ‘pro love.’” (mnsbc)


Skank may refer to:


Here is skank movies:

Michael Jackson (Give Thanks to ALLOH)

The last song of Michael Jackson:

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Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62

Farrah Fawcett
Birthplace: Corpus Christi, Texas
Birthday: February 2, 1947

'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett dies at 62
By BOB THOMAS, Associated Press Writer
1 hour and 11 minutes ago

Farrah Fawcett, the "Charlie's Angels" star whose feathered blond hair and dazzling smile made her one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1970s, died Thursday after battling cancer. She was 62.

Michael Jackson Dead as a moslem

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, USA on August 29 1958. He is a singer, people called him "King of Pop". People also know him with the dance "moonwalk". First album on 1982, Thriller, is an album most popular around the world.

Michael Jackson started as singer when he 5 years old. Jackson join to Vocal group Jackson Family (Jackson 5), before started his debut album Got to Be There. Earlier 1980's, he bacame a figur of legend pop and artist of Africa-USA that has crossover on MTV. His popularity raises when his album became on MTV channel such as "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and "Thriller".

Many award that can be collected by Michael Jackson. for a few time, he got Guinness World Records, 13 Grammy, etc.

Early 2008, he bacame a moslem. Michael Jackson intersted for the mosleem cause he think islam is great religion. Today he passed a way cause by hearth attack. Hopefully, he will rest in peace. Good bye king of pop...

Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal (Shaq)

Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal / Shaquille O'eal was born in New Jearsy, USA, on March 6 1972. People also call him Shaq. He is an basket ball player, for the first time he ply for Orlando Magic then comes to Lakers, Miami Heat after that Phoenix Suns.

Shaq knowing as a big guy and he has a nick name "The Diesel", "The BIg Aristotle", "Most Dominant Ever", "Superman", "Doctor Shaq".

After join on NBA, his career is grown as a professional basket ball player on NBA. As an NBA player, he got 4 title such 3 times when he playing for Lakers (2000) and other for Miami Heat (2006).

Unfortunately, on 2007-2008, Shaq shown his bad skill. many people think Shaq became old people so he cant show real power.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington was born in Bronx, New York, on January 5 1977. She is American actrees and become actrees for many films such as: Ray (2004), The Last King Of Scothland, Alicia Masters in 2005, etc.

Kerry Washington is a daughter of a successful real estate broker and his mother is an educational consultant. Kerry Washington begin the career with Tada Theatre in 1985. She attended Spence School in Manhattan, graduating in 1994. Fellow alumni include Gwyneth Paltrow and Emmy Rossum. Washington went on to earn a B.A. degree in theater in 1998 from The George Washington University. She also studied at Michael Howard Studios in New York City.

Jenny Sanford - Mark Sanford

Jenny Sanford is a wife of South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford. Jenny Sanford was born and raised in Winnetka, Illinois and has a bachelor’s degree in finance from Georgetown University. After college, she worked for the investment banking firm Lazard Freres & Co in New York from 1984 through 1990, including serving as vice president in mergers and acquisitions.

The Sanfords then moved from New York to the Charleston area where Mrs. Sanford balanced raising a family, managing her husband Mark’s political campaigns and being active in the non-profit community. In 1994, Mrs. Sanford managed her husband Mark’s successful campaign for Congress, the couple’s first foray into the political arena. Mrs. Sanford also managed his winning gubernatorial campaign in 2002, assisted him daily at the Statehouse during his first term as governor, and co-managed his successful reelection in 2006.

Jenny Sanford perhaps the person who ended up the most damaged after the affair of his husband. Although the news of this affair just came to the public today, we know that Jenny knew of this problem for some time, and they have been dealing with this.

Today is a press conference Governor Sanford apologized to Jenny and his kids.

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Superstars is a man or woman will be the idols of many people. As a Superstars, they must preserve their self. Because if they not preserve, people became unsympathetic. So many things that superstars must be prepared for this.

Superstars can be on any field, such as: sport like Ronaldo (soccer player), movies like marlyn Monroe (actress), etc. Who ever can be a Superstars.....

Jodi Arias and Travis alexander

Today, Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander became a hot internet traffic. Travis Alexander, 29 years old, found dead at his bedroom in Mesa, Arizona on June 8, 2008. Apparently, Travis Alexander was killed by a gun shot at his head and 27 stabbings from across.

Travis Alexander is a success business man. He recognized this same drive to succeed in Jodi Arias, an aspiring photographer he met at a business conference. The pair quickly became an item and Jodi Arias made Travis' world her own, even adopting his Mormon beliefs. But in time, the spirituality that connected them would also prove to be an obstacle.

Nick Cannon

Nicholas Scott "Nick" Cannon (born October 8, 1980) is an American actor, rapper and television personality. On television, Cannon hosted comedy sketch shows The Nick Cannon Show and Wild N' Out.

Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon wants to follow in the footsteps of celeb couple Heidi Klum and Seal with a lavish annual wedding ceremony and make casual beach wedding dresses to celebrate his union with the pop superstar.

Carey and Cannon exchanged vows for the second time in the Maldive Islands in April, after a wild Las Vegas bash with their A-list pals.

And the actor/rapper is taking cues from German supermodel Klum and her singer husband Seal, who have exchanged vows with themed ceremonies every year since their own 2005 nuptials.

He says, "Do it big or don't do it at all. We're always having a party. ... It was so quiet the first time and we want to have a party for everybody. We went to the Maldives and had another wedding dresses on a private island. We're going to get married every single year in a different location. You've got to do it different every single year, different every time, themed beach wedding dresses, all of that."

Carey and Cannon stunned the world when they slipped away to the Carey's Bahamian estate to tie the knot last April after just weeks of dating.

Transformer 2

At the end of first transformer film's, we also know about Starcream is going to space. It' mean Megatron still a live on the space and he also ready to give counter attack. In this part we can predict about the next of sekuel Transformer film.

On 24 June 2009, Transformer 2: Reveng of The Fallen will be presented just like Transformer 1. The star like Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Tyrese Gibson and John Duhamel are playing again on transformer 2. Star of "The Office" serial on NBC, Rainn Wilson, at this part will be play on Transformer 2.

Megatron, Transformer 2 "Revenge of The Fallen", will be partner with Autobots. Then Megatron will generate a power of The Fallen. In Transformer 2 "Revenge of The Fallen", Megatron will be presented as the old form (tank).

Beside that, Transformer 2 "Revenge of The Fallen", will present new robots like: Soundwave, Arcee Constructicons, Jetfire, etc. And the special effect of Transformer 2 "Revenge of The Fallen" will be awesome. New Jersey, California, Philadelphia until Egypt are the location of production.

You can see Transformer 2 "Revenge of The Fallen" here:

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Rocky Mountainer Train

Watch Rocky Mountainer Train Here:

John & Kate plus 8

John & Kate Plus 8 is a reality television show produced in the United States by Figure 8 Films about the Gosselin family, consisting of parents Jon and Kate and their eight children, fraternal twins and sextuplets. The show follows the family through their daily lives, focusing on the challenges of raising multiple children. The show originally aired on Discovery Health, but has aired on since season 3. The show is currently one of the highest rated programs on TLC and the fifth season premiere was seen by a record 9.8 million viewers, the most watched show of that evening including broadcast television, twice as many viewers as the show’s previous series high. The family originally appeared in a one-hour special titled Surviving Sextuplets and Twins.

Watch John & Kate Plus 8 Here:

Make It or Break It

Make It or Brake it (2009) is a tv show. This week, his popularity up to 63 %. The Director of this (Make It or Brake It) tv show is Steve Miner. His real name is Stephen C. Miner. He is born on June 18 1951. He is an american film and television director. Miner was born in Wesport, Connecticut.

Make It or Brake It written by Holly Sorensen. She is a great writer.

DC Metro

WASHINGTON - One Metro transit train smashed into the rear of another at the height of the capital city's Monday evening rush hour, killing at least six people and injuring scores of others as the front end of the trailing train jackknifed violently into the air and fell atop the first.

Cars of both trains were ripped open and smashed together in the worst accident in the Metrorail system's 33-year history. District of Columbia fire spokesman Alan Etter said crews had to cut some people out of what he described as a "mass casualty event." Rescue workers propped steel ladders up to the upper train cars to help survivors scramble to safety. Seats from the smashed cars spilled out onto the track.

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty said six were confirmed dead. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin said rescue workers treated 76 people at the scene and sent some of them to local hospitals, six with critical injuries. A search for further victims continued into the night.

Secret Life of the American teenager

You can Secret Life of the American teenager, Watch Here:

La Bella Vita

Watch La Bella Vita videos here:

Crooked House

Crooked House-- Leonide Families is a big family that lives has a rich on London city. After Aristide Leonides was dead, one of the Leonide Families suspect as a murder. I like this book, because it can give inspiration for people abouth truth life.

All the family members had motive and opportunity, none has an alibi, and everyone knew that Aristide's eye medicine was poisonous. Moreover, according to the will of record, they all stand to gain a healthy bequest from the old man's estate. Aside from this, the family members have little in common. Edith de Haviland, Aristide's unmarried sister-in-law, is a repressed, somewhat bitter woman who came to stay with him after his first wife's death in order to supervise his children's upbringing. Roger, the eldest son and always Aristide's favourite, is a failure as businessman and has steered the catering business bestowed to him by his father to the brink of bankruptcy; he longs to live a simple life somewhere far away. Roger's wife Clemency, a scientist with austere tastes, has never been able to enjoy the wealth offered by her husband's family. Philip, Roger's younger brother, has suffered all his life under his father's preference for Roger and retreated into a distant world of books and bygone historical epochs, spending all his waking hours in the library of the house. Philip's wife Magda is a modestly successful actress to whom everything, even a murder in the family, is a stage show in which she wants to play a leading part. Sixteen-year-old Eustace still suffers from the aftereffects of a mild case of polio, but otherwise is an average sort of boy. His twelve-year-old sister Josephine, on the other hand, is ugly, odd, precociously intelligent, and so obsessed with detective stories that she spies continually on the rest of the household, writing down her observations in a secret notebook.

Are you interested about "Crooked House" books????

my Touch 3G

3G Technology

Here is a simple introduction to some aspects of 3G radio transmission technologies (RTTs). You will find the subjects covered in this section useful if you later consider the more detailed discussions in the sections on 3G Standards and 3G Spectrum.

Simplex vs. Duplex

When people use walkie-talkie radios to communicate, only one person can talk at a time (the person doing the talking has to press a button). This is because walkie-talkie radios only use one communication frequency - a form of communication known as simplex:

Simplex: Using a walkie-talkie you have to push a button to talk one-way.

Of course, this is not how mobile phones work. Mobile phones allow simultaneous two-way transfer of data - a situation known as duplex (if more than two data streams can be transmitted, it is called multiplex):

Duplex: Allows simultaneous two-way data transfers.

The communication channel from the base station to the mobile device is called the downlink, and the communication from the mobile device back to the base station is called the uplink. How can duplex communication be achieved? Well, there are two possible methods which we will now consider: TDD and FDD.


Wireless duplexing has been traditionally implemented by dedicating two separate frequency bands: one band for the uplink and one band for the downlink (this arrangement of frequency bands is called paired spectrum). This technique is called Frequency Division Duplex, or FDD. The two bands are separated by a "guard band" which provides isolation of the two signals:

FDD: Uses paired spectrum - one frequency band for the uplink, one frequency band for the downlink.

Duplex communications can also be achieved in time rather than by frequency. In this approach, the uplink and the downlink operate on the same frequency, but they are switched very rapidly: one moment the channel is sending the uplink signal, the next moment the channel is sending the downlink signal. Because this switching is performed very rapidly, it does appear that one channel is acting as both an uplink and a downlink at the same time. This is called Time Division Duplex, or TDD. TDD requires a guard time instead of a guard band between transmit and receive streams.

Symmetric Transmission vs. Asymmetric Transmission

Data transmission is symmetric if the data in the downlink and the data in the uplink is transmitted at the same data rate. This will probably be the case for voice transmission - the same amount of data is sent both ways. However, for internet connections or broadcast data (e.g., streaming video), it is likely that more data will be sent from the server to the mobile device (the downlink).

Symmetric and Asymmetric Transmission

FDD transmission is not so well suited for asymmetric applications as it uses equal frequency bands for the uplink and the downlink (a waste of valuable spectrum). On the other hand, TDD does not have this fixed structure, and its flexible bandwidth allocation is well-suited to asymmetric applications, e.g., the internet (see this PDF file for more details). For example, TDD can be configured to provide 384kbps for the downlink (the direction of the major data transfer), and 64kbps for the uplink (where the traffic largely comprises requests for information and acknowledgements). See this PDF file for more details. (three-g.net)

Mermaid Girl - Shiloh Pepin

Mermaid girl is a fish combinated by human. Many people thinks mermaid girls is not real. This opinion can't be right or wrong. Because, untill now no once of mermaid can be found.

Mermaid Girl is a story of film. Her assistance just to create one of fiction of cartoon. In film Mermaid girl can be life as a human caused of an angle. Angel gives her life but she must go a way from water. If Mermaid show water, she will be back as an mermaid. Then can't life in land.

wimbledon 2009 tv schedule

wimbledon 2009 tv schedule:

Friday, June 196:30 am - 10:30 amEastbourne (W): SemifinalsTennis Channel - LIVE
Friday, June 191:30 pm - 5:30 pmEastbourne (W): SemifinalsTennis Channel - REPEAT
Saturday, June 207:00 am - 9:00 amEastbourne (W): FinalTennis Channel - LIVE
Saturday, June 2011:00 am - 1:00 pmEastbourne (W): FinalTennis Channel - REPEAT
Sunday, June 218:30 am - 10:30 amLondon [Queen's] (M): FinalTennis Channel - REPEAT
Sunday, June 2111:00 am - 3:00 pmEastbourne (W): SemifinalsTennis Channel - REPEAT
Sunday, June 213:00 pm - 5:00 pmEastbourne (W): FinalTennis Channel - REPEAT
Sunday, June 217:00 pm - 11:00 pmEastbourne (W): SemifinalsTennis Channel - REPEAT
Sunday, June 2111:00 pm - 1:00 amEastbourne (W): FinalTennis Channel - REPEAT
Monday, June 227:00 am - 5:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsESPN2 - LIVE
Tuesday, June 237:00 am - 5:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsESPN2 - LIVE
Wednesday, June 247:00 am - 5:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsESPN2 - LIVE
Thursday, June 257:00 am - 5:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsESPN2 - LIVE
Friday, June 267:00 am - 5:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsESPN2 - LIVE
Saturday, June 278:00 am - 3:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsESPN2 - LIVE
Saturday, June 273:00 pm - 6:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsNBC - LIVE
Monday, June 297:00 am - 10:00 amWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsESPN2 - LIVE
Monday, June 2910:00 am - 1:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsNBC - LIVE
Monday, June 291:00 pm - 7:00 pmWimbledon (M/W): Early roundsESPN2 - LIVE
Tuesday, June 307:00 am - 10:00 amWimbledon (W): QuarterfinalsESPN2 - LIVE
Tuesday, June 3010:00 am - 1:00 pmWimbledon (W): QuarterfinalsNBC - LIVE
Tuesday, June 301:00 pm - 5:00 pmWimbledon (W): QuarterfinalsESPN2 - LIVE
Wednesday, July 17:00 am - 10:00 amWimbledon (M): QuarterfinalsESPN2 - LIVE
Wednesday, July 110:00 am - 1:00 pmWimbledon (M): QuarterfinalsNBC - LIVE
Wednesday, July 11:00 pm - 5:00 pmWimbledon (M): QuarterfinalsESPN2 - LIVE
Thursday, July 27:00 am - 12:00 pmWimbledon (W): SemifinalsESPN2 - LIVE
Thursday, July 212:00 pm - 5:00 pmWimbledon (W): SemifinalsNBC - LIVE
Friday, July 37:00 am - 12:00 pmWimbledon (M): SemifinalsESPN2 - LIVE
Friday, July 312:00 pm - 5:00 pmWimbledon (M): SemifinalsNBC - LIVE
Saturday, July 49:00 am - 2:00 pmWimbledon (W): FinalNBC - LIVE
Sunday, July 59:00 am - 3:00 pmWimbledon (M): FinalNBC - LIVE

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bandera Restaurant

Bandera Restaurant is a chain restaurant that doesn't act like one. Lighting is dark; black vinyl booths with dark wood tables line the walls; barstools are made of cowhide; and a huge rotisserie oven roasts several dozen chickens at a time. The restaurant is usually jam-packed with locals.

Bandera's Restaurant menu of comfort food is small, but portions are big--and boy, just about everything's good. Delicious cornbread is steamed with butter, laced with just a hint of jalapeno and served up in a cast-iron skillet (or get a big piece for just $1). Slow-roasted chicken is simple and wonderful: The meat falls off the bone, and the dish comes with about a pound of chive-studded mashed potatoes. Burgers are big and fat and juicy, while "macho" salad is a feast of greens loaded with dates, nuts, goat cheese and shreds of chicken still warm from the spit. You won't have room, but the Oreo ice cream sandwich is a great way to finish.

Billy Casper

Billy Casper was born on June 24, 1931. He is one of the legend of tornament golfer. As an american professional golfer, Billy Casper had won much of tournament such as:

Casper's principal achievements include (Wilkipedia source):

Billy Casper was born in San Diego, California. Now, golfer mania can take a coruse at golf course management by Bill Casper.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Paul Erdos

Demi Moore Tosh.0

Demi moore was born at Demetria Guynes in Roswell on November 11, 1962. She is an american artist, tabloid fodder. Demi Moore got actrees during 80's untill early 90's.

Demo moore made her debute film on 1981. She became an actrees of many film such as choices, parasite, ghost, etc.

In 2007, Demi Moore joined the cast of director Bruce A. Evans's psychological thriller Mr. Brooks, as a tough-as-nails detective on the trail of Kevin Costner's titular, obsessive suburban serial killer. The movie suffered an ignominious fate at the box office, and Moore was singled out by critics for her implausibility. Rebecca Flint Marx, All Movie Guide

Today, Demi moore became a hot in internet. Her picture made sensation of internet seeker. Comedy Central's new show Tosh.0 has comedian Daniel Tosh surfing the Internet for embarrassing, noteworthy items that Internet users can find and enjoy

US Open Golf

US Open Golf is a high class tournament. Many best player will competitive in this tournament, Such as Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods was born on December 30 1975, his real name is Eldrick Tont Woods.

Tiger Woods is a champion for US Open Golf in 2000, 2002 and 2008. At 1997, He became a champion of Masters tournament.

His name "Tiger" comes from the name of his best friend of his father. Earl Woods, his father's name is soldier. His mother, Kultida, cames from Thailand.

US Open Golf (TV Schedule)

2009 U.S. Open Championship TV Schedule:

Thursday, June 18:

10 AM - 3 AM — ESPN: U.S. Open Championship, First Round
3 PM - 5 PM — NBC: U.S. Open Championship, First Round
5 PM - 7pm — ESPN: U.S. Open Championship, First Round (Part 2)

Friday, June 19:

10 AM - 3 AM — ESPN: U.S. Open Championship, Second Round
3 PM - 5 PM — NBC: U.S. Open Championship, Second Round
5 PM - 7pm — ESPN: U.S. Open Championship, Second Round (Part 2)

Saturday, June 20:

2 PM - 8 PM — U.S. Open Championship, Third Round, NBC

Sunday, June 21:

1:30 PM - 7:30 PM — U.S. Open Championship, Final Round, NBC


Radio Which a media beside television. First, radio is an equipment Which can helps people to give and get information. The information will separately as soon as possible. Radio will be connected one to the another with media like frequency.

Every Radio station have different frequency. It makes to avoid noise for every Radio Station.


Snollygoster is a noun that describes a monster who eats children.

Snollygoster is a bad example of politician, they also not have a principled on their opinion. Their opinion always can't be predicted.

Their opinion depend on the situation. If the situation good for them snollygoster will in that way but if there is bad they will not in that way. Although, the situation is the solution of their country.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kristina Debarge

Kristina Debarge is a singer that sing "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Good bye" as you can see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcmHYqSMufI

Kristina Debarge is showing her good perfomance on this.

Green Now

Green NOW

Go Green....Go Green... Go Green....NOW. Maybe, it's aword can safe our world. Or maybe, word "Green Now" can't safe our world. Because of many reasons this world became bad. Such as: polluted by our transportation, CFC on air conditioner, minimum trees, etc.

Green Now or never green, because if it's late our world can't be safe anymore.

Let say "Green now....Green now... Green now"

Smokin' Aces

Smokin' Aces which directed by John Carnahan become new trend from searchig engine (google). Smokin' Aces staring by Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck and Andy Garcia.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran riot

Protestors start fires in a main street in Tehran, Iran, in the early hours of Monday. Iran’s supreme leader ordered Monday an investigation into allegations of election fraud, marking a stunning turnaround by the country’s most powerful figure and offering hope to opposition forces that have waged street clashes to protest the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The results touched off three days of clashes, the worst unrest in Tehran in a decade. AP

French Embassy organizes health seminar

INDONESIA: The French Embassy will hold a regional seminar in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Health Ministry about the impact of climate change on health from June 16-18 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta.

The seminar is aimed at raising the awareness of policy makers in Asia of the need for preparing a national health road map that takes into account the effects of climate change.

The seminar will feature speakers from the ASEAN Secretariat, the WHO and France's Institute of Research for Development (IRD). It will convene participants from the National Development Agency, the Forestry Ministry, environment ministry, the Foreign Ministry, the Research and Technology Ministry, local administrations, the European Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat. - JP

RI questions Israel’s ‘sincerity’ in endorsing Palestinian state

Ary Hermawan , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta

Indonesia said Monday the major “peace” speech made by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he conditionally endorsed the creation of a Palestinian state, “lacked clear direction”, and questioned if the about-face was “sincere”.

Reversing the stance he had held for decades before assuming office, Netanyahu said Sunday for the first-time that Israel would endorse a Palestinian state, but on conditions the future Palestinian state would not have an army and would recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

“The Palestinians have the right to fight against oppression by any means, including the use of weapons,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Teuku Faizasyah said.

Indonesia, he said, also questioned the implications of Israel’s request that Palestinians recognize the Jewishness of Israel.

“Does it mean the Palestinian refugees will be denied their rights to return to their homeland and non-Jewish people will not be allowed to live in Israel?”

The Palestinian authorities slammed Netanyahu’s speech as “racist” and rejected his idea of an independent Palestinian state without an army. The US, the key player in the Middle East quartet, praised the speech, calling Israel’s backing for a Palestinian state a step “in the right direction”. The EU gave it a “cautious welcome”.

Indonesia, a Dutch colony for decades before gaining independence in 1945, has consistently supported the Palestinians in their struggle against Israeli occupation. It demands a two-state solution for the conflict based on borders prior to the 1967 Middle East war, thus rejecting Netanyahu’s renewed insistence Jerusalem will be Israel’s undivided capital.

While hosting the UN meeting on Palestine last week, Indonesia called on the international community to push Israel to end its occupation of Palestine and punish the Jewish nation for its alleged war crimes against unarmed civilians.

Hamdan Basyar, a lecturer at the University of Indonesia’s Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, doubted Israel’s peace rhetoric, saying, “They agree to endorse a Palestinian state, but they also want to have it under their control”.

The speech, he argued, was nothing but a compromise Netanyahu had to make as he was now facing two-way pressure: one from the hardliners inside his right-leaning coalition government and the other from the United States, once Israel’s strongest backer before US President Barack Obama took office and bid to mend the US image after eight years of George Bush’s reckless foreign policy.

Obama has welcomed the speech, saying he is committed to a two-state solution and would work with all parties to see the Israeli and Palestinian authorities fulfill their obligations and head toward regional peace.

Hamdan said Obama should not be so easily satisfied by Netanyahu’s speech, which overlooked the main issues, such as the freezing of settlement expansion in the West Bank, which has undermined peace process and creation of a Palestinian state.

“Obama must not let Israel go forward with their agenda. A Palestinian state without a military power to defend itself is useless.”

A senior politician from the Muslim-based National Mandate Party (PAN), Abdillah Toha, slammed Netanyahu’s speech, saying “it is not a speech of peace”.

The Israeli leader, he said, had instead “slammed the door to peace” by rejecting the conditions deemed essential to achieving a two-state solution. “The speech’s substance is basically against Obama’s two-state solution.”

The US is seen as the only political power capable of forcing Israel to press the Middle East peace process forward.

“But then Obama has to face challenges in his own country on the issue. We know how strong the Jewish lobby in the US is,” Abdillah said.

Lakers Riot

Lakers 2009 Champion is a great team. They have a solid warrior. But in the parade lakers today, they are not the winner. Fans of lakers became riot, few people must be grounded at jail.

Thousands people selebrated outside of lakers basecamp, Staples Center. Policeman try to safe the celebration.

At that time, thousands people run on the street against policeman. Television reports a supporter of Lakers try destroye anything on the street.

Chief polceman Of LA, William Bratton orders to their personnel to no be provocated.

Demi Moore Bush

Moore was born Demetria Gene Guynes in Roswell, New Mexico. As a child, Moore had a difficult and unstable home life. Her biological father, Charles Harmon, left her mother, Virginia King (November 27 1943 – July 2 1998), after a two-month marriage, before Moore was born. As a result, Moore had the surname of her stepfather, Danny Guynes (March 9 1943 – October 1980), on her birth certificate. Danny Guynes, who committed suicide in 1980, frequently changed jobs; as a result the family moved a total of forty times, once living in a small town called Rogers Manor, Pennsylvania. Moore's parents were alcoholics and often fought and beat each other. Moore was cross-eyed as a child, and wore an eye patch in an attempt to correct the problem until it was eventually corrected by two surgeries. She also suffered from kidney dysfunction.[1] Demi Moore has heterochromia; she has one green eye, and the other hazel.

Moore's family settled in Los Angeles in 1976. Moore attended Fairfax High School in Hollywood, where her schoolmates included Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis and bassist Michael Balzary and actor Timothy Hutton. When Moore was sixteen, her friend, actress Nastassja Kinski, persuaded her to drop out of school to become an actress.

Moore has two younger half-brothers: James Craig Harmon (paternal) and Morgan Guynes (maternal, born 1967). (wilkipedia.org)

Lakers Parade

Kemenangan Los Angels Lakers pada laga final atas Orlando Magic dengan skor 99-86 membawa Lakers menjadi juara NBA pada musim ini. Kemenangan ini diraih oleh Lakers bukan dengan perjuangan yang sangat mudah, mereka harus bersusah payah mengunguli saingan mereka yaitu Orlando Magic.

Menyusul kemenangan Lakers, Lakers Parade telah di siapkan untuk menyambut sang juara NBA. Banyak pendukung Lakers antusias dalam menyambut perayaan tersebut.