Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hot Gossip Jason Davis "The Gummi Bear"

Hot Gossip Jason Davis "The Gummi Bear" on Hot Topics -- Hot Gossip Jason Davis "The Gummi Bear". Yeah... Jason Davis, most of people known him as Gummi Bear. Jason Davis is the brother of the slightly more famous Brandon Davis, sometimes referred to as "Greasy Bear."

The brothers are heirs to a billion dollar inheritance, which explains their tabloid popularity and socialite status. Brandon, pictured above, is perhaps most recently famous for calling Lindsay Lohan "a firecrotch."

Jason is frequently seen on celebrity news and gossip blogs getting turned away at the front door of exclusive clubs. His sense of fashion tends to be quite flamboyant, and from the looks of this video, he can play the piano a bit.

The Bear was sentenced to a 36-month drug program after pleading guilty to heroin possession and no contest to DUI today in a Van Nuys court.

He has to see Beverly Hills counselor and maintain a job for the probation period - which may be a tougher task than you think for Jason Davis.

The oil heir also can't be in contact with any drugs or associate with those known to use narcotics. Guess that rules out a family reunion.

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