Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alex Hermann: Autistic Kid With Perfect Bracket

Alex Hermann: Autistic Kid With Perfect Bracket on Hot Topics -- Alex Hermann a 17 years old from Chicago, Illinois. Alex Hermann has been the only person known to come forward with a 2010 NCAA perfect bracket. He claims the secret to his success is he likes numbers and is good at mathematics. Hermann says "I pays real close attention to the games and last season’s history, but was this perhaps a stroke of luck? I pay attention too, and that’s why I chose Kansas! But I was wrong, like most of you, and Alex has prevailed thus far."

Just for your information, an autistic kid with perfect bracket of NCAA will not win $10000. Sweet 16 round of NCAA men's basketball is to start today. If your favorite is already pulled out of NCAA in its earlier rounds, it is now the time for you to pick a Sweet 16 favorite from a shortened list of sixteen. However, it is not an easier task to pick your favorite, as there may happen anything surprising and shocking you in the back courts.

Most basketball fans, even including the president Obama forecast a Kansas University win in the championship. But, the most favorite was pulled out in a biggest upset by Northern Iowa. This instance itself is enough to see how unpredictable NCAA forecast is.

To clarify, Alex Hermann correctly picked Cornell, Northern Iowa, Washington, and St. Mary’s (CA) to be right where they are. Unreal. So now the big question is, who did he pick to go all the way? His favorite of course, Purdue (where brother Andrew Hermann went to college). Hermann has predicted they’ll make it all the way to the NCAA Championship 2010, and take down Kansas State. If this notion seems a little crazy, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Maybe next year, along with Dick Vitale’s picks, we’ll also get some insight from Alex!

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