Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mikelle Bigs Founds by FBI

The hot pursuit to find the person who kidnapped 11-year-old Mikelle Biggs ended long ago. Now it's a waiting game for the Mesa police detectives assigned to the case, which today marks its 10th year of remaining unsolved with no trace of the girl or her remains.Ten Years ago on 2nd January, 1999 in the evening “Mikelle Biggs” an 11 year old girl disappeared from her home and never was found until today. The trail of her kidnapper was never been clear detective has done everything in their powers to find the young girl but never found any clue which can lead them to “Mikelle Biggs”.

Domenick Kaufmen and Jerry Gissel the two detectives has been working on the case almost from a decade now they have consulted with the FBI for polygraph the witnesses and to test their voice stress tests has been conducted too even they have hypnotized witnesses to take out the information but no results, they have been put to hold until completely until the advancement of forensic technology or someone with the info of her apprehender comes forward.

Kimber and her elder sister Mikelle Biggs attracted by an Ice-cream truck went outside of her home at Mesa, Arizona. On the corner of the street waiting for the ice-cream truck to reach to them when younger sister “Kimber” felt cold and went back to home nearly 4 houses away from their residence to get a jacket, but upon her return Mikelle Biggs was gone leaving no clue.

Mesa police followed no less than 10,000 leads to apprehend the kidnapper without any results. Up-till today detectives have no concrete leads, but just a small list of suspicious names of the case. "Hopefully, the individual who did this will realize the nightmare that they're putting this family through," Gissel said. "I know this person has got to be aching to get this information out. I know, like I'm sure he knows, that he needs to clear up this before he leaves this life because it's not going to be very good for him afterwards."

When the Lindbergh Elementary School sixth-grader vanished from the street just outside her home, Mesa police heaped resources into finding her for months and the case drew national attention. We all hope Mikelle biggs founds by anyone (FBI, Police or anyone).