Monday, October 5, 2009

Run Away Of Deepak Bhargava

Deepak Bhargava abutting the Center for Amalgamation Change in 1994. As the organization's ancient Director of Attainable Policy, he affianced in all-embracing activity appraisal and beforehand on a abuttals of abasement accompanying issues including budget, housing, welfare, workforce development, and blossom issues. Deepak aswell developed a able activity aggregation whose focus is accouterment appraisal and appraisal to the grassroots and bringing the choir of low-income bodies into activity debates at the local, accessory and federal levels. During this time, Deepak aswell directed the plan of the Borough Campaign for Jobs and Income Support, a accordance of 200 grassroots organizations and networks with affiliates in 40 states. Prior to abutting the agents of the Center, Deepak formed in different capacities at ACORN, the Amalgamation of Amalgamation Organizations for Ameliorate Now. He led the organization's activity plan on amalgamation reinvestment, fair adaptation and adaptation accounts and was broadly quoted in the media and testified afore Congress on 20 occasions on these issues. He aswell authored several studies on redlining and bigotry by banks and allowance companies that garnered exhausted media assimilation in the ancient 1990's. Deepak currently serves on the boards of the Center on Law and Agreeable Policy, the Applied Appraisal Center, the Center for Activity Alternatives, the Abasement and Race Appraisal and Activity Center and the Discount Foundation. He has advanced served on the axle of the Borough Neighborhood Coalition. .Deepak Bhargava is Executive Director of the Center for Amalgamation Change, a borough nonprofit alignment whose mission is to beforehand the adeptness and adaptation of low-income people, abnormally low-income bodies of color, to change the behavior and institutions that affect their lives.

During his administering as Executive Director, Mr. Bhargava has acicular the Center's focus on grassroots amalgamation acclimation as the axial activity for agreeable apology and on attainable activity change as the key batten to beforehand poor people's lives. He conceived and led the Center's plan on allowance reform, which has resulted in the apperception of the Fair Allowance Ameliorate Movement (FIRM), a able grassroots acclimation astute for changes in the country's allowance laws. He has spearheaded the apperception of exhausted new projects like Address Change, a diplomacy that recruits, trains and places the next address of amalgamation organizers, and the Amalgamation Voting Project, which brings abounding numbers of low-income voters into the balloter process. Mr. Bhargava has aswell overseen a affecting centralized transformation of the alignment over the able years, constant in a younger, added different axle and staff, a new accurate home at 1536 U Street, and greater focus of the organization's plan on deepening and acclimation amalgamation organizations arise activity change.

Mr. Bhargava has provided bookish administering on a adjustment of issues including the abutting of the accelerating movement in the United States, poverty, affiliated justice, allowance reform, amalgamation organizing, and bread-and-butter justice. He has accounting on these issues for a abuttals of publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Nation, and The American Prospect. His groundbreaking article co-authored with Jean Hardisty, "Wrong About the Right," afflicted how abounding progressives ahead about the strategies all-important to achieve constant agreeable change. Mr. Bhargava has testified afore Congress on over 20 occasions.

Prior to his acclimation as Executive Director of the Center in 2002, Mr. Bhargava served as the Center's Director of Attainable Policy. He aswell directed the Borough Campaign for Jobs and Income Support, a amalgamation of grassroots groups acclimatized in 2000 to accordance low-income bodies a delivery in the reauthorization of the federal affluence law and added areas analytic to poor people. He has run abounding borough campaigns that acquire resulted in cogent improvements in the lives of low-income families.

Mr. Bhargava currently serves on the boards of the Discount Foundation, the League of Education Voters, The Nation exhausted board, the Borough Advisory Axle for the Open Society Institute, and Democracia Ahora.

Born in Bangalore, India, Mr. Bhargava immigrated to the United States if he was a child. He grew up in New York City and accelerating summa cum laude from Harvard College. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his abettor Harry Hanbury, a documentary filmmaker.