Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday Gives Cyber Prize

Cyber Monday Gives Cyber Prize on Hot Topics -- It is the day that e-tailers will furiously push big discounts, free gift cards, free shipping and any other gimmick they can think of to entice consumers to spend even more of their holiday shopping dollars online. Cyber Monday is a great day for anyone who is the hunt for a bargain, to find one.

For many people the craziness of Black Friday is just all too daunting, and people find sitting at home in their own lounge rooms in comfort is the better way to shop.

But for some even the Cyber Monday Internet task is daunting. A lot of us are not Internet savvy, and find searching and trawling the Internet and the sales pages a bit tiresome. If this is you then here a few options to help guide you through it all and hopefully allow you to find your own bargain.

When looking for the best place to start it would be, it is titled the ‘official’ Cyber Monday site. Here you will find the majority of the retailers coupons, discounts and links to their websites.

After finding your bargain, you should then pop over to Where they offer hundred’s of coupons for you to add to your original savings.

Over at you will see the multitude of coupons and codes for the sales, as well as finding some great tips in finding the best retailers sites also. (AMZN, Fortune 500) spokesman Craig Berman said its wireless Kindle e-reader was the "best-selling item across all of Amazon's product categories on Monday."

"This November has become the biggest month for Kindle sales since we launched the product two years ago," Berman said. But he declines to disclose how many Kindle units have been sold over that period.

Also, Berman said the e-tailer sold out of its Cyber Monday deal of the day, which was an 8GB iPod Touch for $158.

Other hot sellers Monday included the hugely popular Zhu Zhu pet hamsters, which are sold on Amazon through third party vendors.

Although the retail price of each hamster is $9.99, Berman said some of the hamsters, such as Mr. Squiggles, were selling for as much as $63 each.

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