Monday, November 16, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Release Time | L4D2 Release Time

Left 4 Dead 2 Release Time | L4D2 Release Time on Hot Topics -- Nothings more exciting than when Valve makes an announcement for their hot upcoming squeal Left 4 Dead 2. I haven’t even had enough of part 1 yet and part two has already been announced.

If this whole midnight release thing seems familiar, it’s not surprising: this is at least the fourth midnight release since the beginning of September and the second this month!

L4D2 is going to be unlocked today or tomorrow depending on your timezone. Previously, Valve said that L4D2 for PC will be unlocked at 12AM, a fact which confused millions of gamers across the globe who were wondering whether it’s noon or midnight. Well, the answer is midnight and below you can find most of the L4D2 release time from major timezones so scroll down and stop trolling.

L4D2 will be unlocked on:

* November 16th at 9PM PST;
* November 16th at 10PM MST;
* November 16th at 11PM CST;
* November 17th at 12AM-midnight EST;
* November 17th at 5AM GMT;
* November 17th at 8AM Moscow time;
* November 17th at 2PM Japan time.
Both Left 4 Dead and Assassin's Creed are highly anticipated sequels to their extremely innovative and critically acclaimed predecessors. L4D changed the face of zombie games while also putting a new spin on storytelling and the multiplayer experience in general. Assassin's Creed showed us how vast and open a gaming world could be, as well as bringing in strong religious implications that came together as one of the best storylines around.

Now the sequels are set to raise the bar yet again. Left 4 Dead 2 brings new infected, new survivors, and new settings. Also, the director has advanced as well, now changing the actual set up of the level on the fly, resulting in you taking your favorite short cut only to find it is now a dead end ally with infected waiting to ambush you. Assassin's Creed is now set in Italy, using the latest inventions by Leonardo DaVinci to kill with the most efficiency. Now equipped with dual wrist blades, assassinations are that much more elegant and executed with precision.

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