Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yeardley Love Funeral on Saturday May 8 2010

Yeardley Love Funeral on Saturday May 8 2010 on Hot Topics --- Yeardley Love Funeral on Saturday May 8 2010. The funeral of Yeardley Love, the University of Virginia’s lacrosse teammate, on Saturday May 8 2010. Thousands of people come out today for Yeardey Love's funeral in North Baltimore, the slain University of Virginia lacrosse player's hometown, according to the Baltimore Sun. Yeardley Love, at 22 years, was murdered by a fellow student of UVA George Huguely and discovered dead in her bedroom by a roommate in her apartment early Monday morning.. The casket was brought on Saturday at Mary Our Queen’s Cathedral.

Following her tragic death, the police concluded George Huguely 22 years of age and also a lacrosse player while with the men’s team, was the person of interest thus he was held within few hours of Love’s death. George has been sent to jail already and faces first-degree murder charges. The tragic death of Yeardley Love left the entire community shocked and saddened.

Yeardley was remembered as an enthusiastic woman, and was expected to graduate in just a few weeks. Her lacrosse coach Julie Meyers delivered a eulogy at the ceremony today, and said: "Yeardley was the player who made everyone feel better. As genuine, kind and gentle as she was, she was also tough as nails on the lacrosse field."

Ex-boyfriend and UVA lacrosse player George Huguely was charged Monday with first degree murder for her slaying, and is being held in jail until his trial in June. His lawyer called the death "an accident with a tragic outcome" earlier this week.