Sunday, September 6, 2009

Laser Surgery | Katrina Lee Before and After

Katrina Lee Before Surgery

Laser Surgery | Katrina Lee Before and After on Hot Topics -- Do you know Katrina Lee??? Katrina Lee, 23, had laser surgery on her face, liposuction, dental work and hired a personal trainer to lose two stone to make it past the initial auditions this summer.

A Belfast woman who has undergone drastic cosmetic surgery for her big X Factor comeback, has revealed that Simon Cowell’s comments during her first audition almost wrecked her life. A desperate X-Factor contestant spent thousands of pounds on surgery after Simon Cowell criticised her during a previous audition.

Lee told The Sun: “I had to go back and re-write history. What happened to me the last time nearly tipped me over the edge. It was terrible. “I came face-to-face with Simon Cowell and told him that his comments had nearly wrecked my life. He told me, ‘That’s not a nice thing that I said’. He seemed really shocked about how his comments had affected me.”

Katrina also revealed that she battled with an eating disorder between her first and second audition for the X Factor. She commented: “Even though it was Simon who knocked me down, he’s also the one who brought me back up again by telling me I was a good-looking girl when I returned this year. He took all my insecurity away.”

After auditioning at 18, she battled an eating disorder and said it crushed her confidence with men. 'Since then I've had laser treatment and liposuction and I've come back a new person. 'When he saw me this time he said I was a good-looking girl. I went through so much after his comments the last time. I was 18 and they really hit me hard.

'Now I'm delighted. It's been through a lot, including facial surgery. I've gone to every extreme to get to this point. 'This year Cheryl Cole said my audition was fantastic and I'm really pleased I've come this far.

After Surgery