Friday, January 29, 2010

America's Best Dance Crew "ABDC" season 5

America's Best Dance Crew "ABDC" season 5 on Hot Topics -- This week on the premiere of America’s Best Dance Crew, Lil’ Mama and JC Chasez are back joined by the new judge Omarion along with host Mario Lopez.

Things are a tiny different this season; this episode is the first of two regional episodes. Fifteen crews were flown in to New york: two from the South, two from the East, and two from the West.

Ghost from New york is up second to represent for the dirty South. JC Chasez appreciated the amount of levels they used but said it was a tiny slow of a performance. Omarion felt like he's seen what they were doing before and suggested they “push it.” Lil’ Mama said they require to take their process to the next level.

The South is up first to prove they deserve a spot in nationals on Feb. 18. The first crew of the two is Jungle Boogie representing Georgia. Omarion was impressed and liked the wrestling-looking movie but said it was a tiny clumsy. Lil’ Mama said it kind of got loose towards the finish. JC Chasez loved the energy level.

Swagger Crew, also from Georgia, had to show the judges they do have swagger and everything else it takes to make it to nationals. JC Chasez thought the first half was slow but said it went “to the sky” about halfway through the process. Omarion said it looked like the movement was trained and he wants to feel more passion. Lil’ Mama told them the choreography needs to go perfectly with the music.

Another New york crew, X-Treme Motion, was up next. Lil’ Mama said their excitement caused them to come out of character a tiny. JC Chasez thought it was a fun process that built up in the middle but the ending was generic. Omarion enjoyed it (a tiny much) but said they require to focus on their energy more.

After the judges saw what the South had to offer, they had a hard decision to make: Who goes to nationals?

Royal Flush from Georgia was up to finish off the night. Lil’ Mama thought there was a lot going on and he wants to see more choreography. Omarion said the card idea at the finish was corny and they could’ve come up with something more creative. JC Chasez actually liked the process and appreciated all they did up on stage.
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