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Renee Walker 24 Seasons 8 on Hot Topics

Renee Walker 24 Seasons 8 on Hot Topics -- Have you seen Annie Wersching as FBI Agent Renee Walker on TV series 24 ???. If you the one of fans Annie Wersching as FBI Agent Renee Walker on TV series 24, you must see his performance on Seasons 8. The red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Her character seems to be in a very dark place now. It is unusual to see her act more ruthless than Jack. I will be closely watching how her relationship with Jack develops. It should be interesting.

The second part of “24’s” four-hour, two-night premiere of day 8 has aired, and the storylines are coming at us speedy and angry, capped off by the on-air return of a definite badass redhead from Day 7 we’ve come to know and love. More on her in due time, but let’s pick up where they left off at the finish of Hour Two…

The creepy dude they now know as Davros has convinced his now-ex cop buddy to call in the shift change, enabling Davros to be in prime position to assassinate President Hassan (a bullet wound to your wife’s leg has a way of being an effective motivator). But they doesn’t hold up his finish of the bargain, killing the both of them. Bad guys, am I right? Meanwhile, Jack’s closing in on Davros, cuts through a basketball court, where he’s confronted by a group of street ballers (who obviously have seldom watched an episode of “24,” otherwise they wouldn’t step to Jack like they do). More evidence of how Jack has changed: in lieu of scrambling the dudes all over the court, they offers six of them a C-note and shows him Davros’ picture. The guy dimes on Davros, pointing to the cop’s house. Jack goes inside, finds the six dead bodies, but is caught in a bad situation when Officer Lunkhead (not his real name, but I calls it like I see it), a hard, bullheaded cop, arrives on the scene, sees his buddy gunned down. Jack tries to escape the situation, but Lunkhead tasers him.

Back to Jack. Officer Lunkhead, convinced Jack is a cop killer, roughs him up despite the protestations of his much more sensible partner, Officer Wu. Absorbing the beating only as they can, Jack finally strikes back. Wu diffuses the situation in time, and Jack re-states his case about Davros. Wu comes around to Jack’s side to the shock of his partner.

Back at CTU, Dana’s got her team working on the encrypted file found on Meredith’s computer. She’s cold and quiet about the work, until she’s told that a Kevin Wade is here to see her. Rattled, they leaves her post to see him outside, taking off her engagement ring as they goes. Kevin, a scuzzball of the highest order, calls Dana “Jenny Scott”, and has such a hold on her, they gives him her key so they can crash at her place for the night. While Dana’s letting her distractions get to her, Chloe and Hastings continue to butt heads over Jack, whom she’s lost contact with. Hastings bluntly tells Chloe to shape up speedy or she’s toast.

Jack, racing to the U.N. building, puts six and six together, knows that the evac is an elaborate setup. They tells Cole, who quickly races to intercept Hassan’s SUV before it goes boom. Indeed, they does so, but when Davros detonates the bomb, Cole’s automobile takes the hit! As a horrified Dana, watching from CTU, sees her man possibly blown to bits, Hour Five is up.

At CTU, Hastings’ interrogation of Meredith Reed culminates in the reporter revealing her affair with President Hassan. Hastings’ instinct is not to believe her, but when they makes contact with Hassan, the Kamistan President quickly confirms the affair, showing himself to be a man of formidable personal honor. Simultaneously, the encryption is decoded, revealing a file depicting the presence of a bomb inside the U.N. building. Six time more, Chloe suspects that this is a deliberate misdirection, but Hastings acts by the book in lieu of gut instinct, orders the evacuation of the building. Cole Ortiz is the point person on site, and directs Hassan to a automobile. Farhad calls Davros, and arms the real bomb, which is planted underneath a manhole cover.

As Hour Six begins, Cole has indeed survived the explosion (did your think they were going to kill off Freddie Prinze, Jr. this speedy?), and barely starts regaining his bearings when they spots Davros trying to run away the scene and goes after him. Jack arrives in time to see this and takes off in the same direction.

Meanwhile, Farhad is in another SUV with Hassan’s wife and daughter, who are freaked and unsure whether Hassan survived. They gets a call from Davros, confirming their plan’s failure. They also warns that it won’t be long before the authorities finger Farhad as the inside man. Farhad abruptly exits the automobile, stabs a cop in the neck, then bolts like a bat out of hell, now outed in his duplicity.

As Cole pursues Davros, they receive a feeling that his experience level isn’t where it needs to be in situations like this. Sure , cunning Davros outmaneuvers him, and is about to kill him when Jack pops up and pumps lead in to the Russian, six time again saving the young agent’s life. As Jack checks the wounds on Davros’ back, they takes note of the ritualistic tattoos on his back. Jack takes pics of said tatts for CTU to decipher…

Meanwhile, President Taylor can stave off Weiss’ hectoring to get Hassan back to the negotiating table, developing a more serene rapport with him. The talks will start up again, after Hassan makes an appearance at CTU to talk to Hastings.

Indeed, CTU figures out the tattoos are identifiers for members of the Russian crime syndicate, but they could use an expert to decipher them with greater specificity. Hastings gets a brainstorm: they decides to bring in a person with knowledge of the Russian underworld…wait for it…ex FBI Agent Renee Walker! Five years ago, Renee was deep undercover in Russia, getting close to the power players. Chloe, who has been praised by Hastings for her correct instincts about the evac diversion last hour, reminds him that Renee is not in a nice place. Hastings knows all about that, but feels they can make her an offer they can’t refuse. Hastings calls Renee in, then goes to meet Hassan, who has agreed to come in and be debriefed about the Meredith Reed situation.

Meanwhile, Jack thinks that with Davros dead and the assassination plot foiled, his job is done. But then, an alarm from Medical goes off; it turns out that Davros’ body has traces of Uranium 245, the weapons-grade form. Then, Jack is told by Chloe that Renee is on the way to CTU. Jack reflects on how things ended between them, surmising that they probably won’t need to see him. They tells Chloe to keep his presence there a secret.

Hastings then deals with Hassan, who tells him that his brother Farhad had wanted to procure nuclear materials for some time. After getting reassurance from Hastings that they won’t reveal the affair to any other entity, Hassan asks to see Meredith, who has been released from custody. Though it’s clear the six have genuine feelings for each other, Hassan effectively ends things between them.

Chloe waits at the helipad as the copter lands. Renee steps out, looking fit, yet, around the eyes, they see that she’s…damaged. In the meeting with the analysts, Renee fills in details about the tattoos; they are markings of a powerful, so-far untouchable syndicate called Red Square. Real badasses, apparently. Hastings makes his pitch, offering Renee the chance to get her badge back. Renee refuses her elderly job, but agrees to return undercover; her reasons are not clear, but are motivated by something deeply personal.

Jack six time more thinks he’s gone, but when Chloe tells him that Renee designs to return undercover with the Russian syndicate, Jack goes in and sees her. Their “reunion” is fraught with tension, then Renee goes off when Jack says she’s not ready to return to work. Renee is hell-bent on doing this. As the final preps are made to establish Renee’s cover story, Jack impulsively horns in on the operation, positioning himself as part of her cover in lieu of Cole. Renee objects, but Hastings sides with Jack.

They pick things up with Farhad, who meets his Russian contacts at a restaurant. Farhad wants proof that they have the nuclear materials. The Russians show their proof, a man adversely effected by exposure to the radioactive materials.

After yet another scene of Dana/Jenny having to deal with the thorn in her side that is Kevin Wade, Jack and Renee are on the first leg of their assignment. They track six of Renee’s elderly contacts at a hardware store; Renee goes in while Jack stays in the automobile, only to find the man has a wrist monitor that will alert the police if they moves out of a little radius. No problem, thinks Renee, who uses her feminine wiles to maneuver the idiot’s hand in to a vice. Renee proceeds to use an electric saw to cut the man’s damn wrist off! Jack finally enters the store, spots the grisly deed and for the first time ever, he’s repelled by such a violent action. As Jack struggles with the monster they helped generate that is a clearly deranged Renee, Hour Six ticks to a close.

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