Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Measure 66 and 67 passing rapidly

Measure 66 and 67 passing rapidly on Hot Topics -- Oregon's voters last day at 9 PM, has passed two-tax increase measures through Ballot Measure 66 and Ballot Measure 67 but failing marginally in Umatilla County. Ballot Measure 66 is approved by voters in a ratio of 54 to 46 i.e. 54 % people were agreed to increase income tax for high-income people who earn more than $125,000 in a year. Ballot Measure 67 has also been approved by the voters with an assent of 53% people who want to raise state’s $10 minimum corporate income tax.

Oregon Trail School District Superintendent Shelley Redinger is pretty happy with the results and he thanks the voters who participated in polling and approved both measures with their support. He says, Measure 66 and Measure 67 will bring a level of stability to the district. With so far almost a million votes already which is half of Oregon’s voters, with both Measures already passing with about a ten percent margin.

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