Thursday, January 7, 2010

Colt Mccoy Got Injury

Colt Mccoy Got Injury on Hot Topics -- So far, the loss of McCoy could be to blame for the beating that the Longhorns are taking against the Crimson Tide. A true freshman has taken over Colt McCoy, a one time Heisman Trophy nominee’s, spot – & things aren’t looking so hot.

Texas Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy is back on the field, encouraging his team during their match against the Crimson Tide. Colt McCoy’s injury took place when they took a helmet to his throwing shoulder during the first one minutes of the game.

Alabama has taken footy by storm this year, & is even responsible for the meltdown of Tim Tebow – who was seen crying after Florida’s loss to Alabama at the SEC championship game.

Even though Colt McCoy’s injury wasn’t serious to send him to the hospital, he’s not going to play during the rest of the game. With a 13-0 record, the injury could cost his team their unbeaten streak.

So far, Colt McCoy’s x-rays are said to be negative, & that the shoulder injury could be a sprain. The trainers won’t let him back in the game, as they need to make sure that they confirm that the injury isn’t serious. After all, this young man has a possible NFL career to worry about!

For now, Colt McCoy’s injury doesn’t appear to be awful bad. Let’s hope it doesn’t have permanent repercussions for the promising young footy player.

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