Monday, April 26, 2010

Bret Michaels Become Worse Critical Condition

Bret Michaels Become Worse Critical Condition On Hot Topics --- Bret Michaels Become Worse Critical Condition. Press still searching the hospital that take health care of Bret Michaels, because until now there is no one know where Bret Michaels did. Good Morning America reported today that he had a form of a stroke where 1/4 of patients usually die within the first week, and 1/2 usually die within the first six months. However, those close to Bret Michaels say that he is a fighter and is receiving the best medical care available. Fans continue to hope and pray for the best.

As you know, last week we got information about Bret Michaels that suffered a brain hemmorhage late last week that is now being linked to his life long diabetes. While Bret Michaels remains in critical condition at an undisclosed hospital, fans tuned in to last night’s episode of The Celebrity Apprentice to see him in action. They weren’t disappointed because Michaels was a rock star and in true form. He was lively, engaging and entertaining while helping his team deliver an impressive result. Although Rock Solid lost the actual challenge, Donald Trump was so impressed with their overall results that no one was fired in the boardroom. All seven of the remaining competitors are moving on to another week of competition on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Bret Micheals shot to fame in the 80's as the lead singer of hair band Poison. He later became a reality tv star with his show 'Rock of Love' for VH1, which lasted 3 seasons. Micheals was currently a contestant on 'Celebrity Apprentice' when his health issues took over.

Bret Micheals is a pop culture icon, with a very large fanbase. Whether it's with Poison or in his solo career Bret has been pumping out music for most of his life. He's also an avid diabetes advocate who constantly giving to charity. Prayers are with Bret and his family.

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