Friday, April 9, 2010

The Masters Tournament 2010: Tiger Woods is Back

The Masters Tournament 2010: Tiger Woods is Back on Hot Topics -- Tiger Woods is going back to the Master Tournament 2010. Anticipation had been ripe about the troubled golfer’s comeback in competitive golf which ultimately took place yesterday as he made a triumphant return to his professional career. Winning the last four years of the Masters and having his best round yet is surely putting an end to any of the talk that has been transpiring about him being rusty since he has taken so much time off. He came right back from the sex scandal that has been so detrimental to his career and has performed to the best of his ability. It seemed he used to be rather grumpy on the field, with a stone cold face and no shown attention to the audience. Now it seems he has lifted his spirits and is no longer throwing his clubs around or cursing at the air when he misses a shot.

Tiger Woods feat achieved by Tiger Woods was indeed special as this was the first time in his sixteen appearances at the Masters tournament that he was able to break 70 in the first round of the competition. Moreover, the champion golfer also managed to include in his round two eagles, which was another record that he achieved at the Masters golf tournament 2010. The amazing feat showcased by Tiger Woods in his comeback game enabled him to finish just two strokes behind Fred Couples. Although the troubled golfer might have been a bit perturbed about the kind of reception that he would be receiving from the crowds, the boisterous applause and unending cheers from the golf fans must have given him the boast that he required.

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