Thursday, July 16, 2009

Analysis of Objurgate

Analysis of Objurgate on Hot Topics -- We will analysis objurgate. What is Objurgate??? We find on Objurgate definition, it means to reproach or denounce vehemently; upbraid harshly; berate sharply. Below is the result of analysis:

1610–20; < class="ital-inline">objūrgātus, ptp. of objūrgāre to rebuke, equiv. to ob- ob- + jūrgāre, jurigāre to rebuke, equiv. to jūr- (s. of jūs) law + -ig-, comb. form of agere to drive, do + -ātus -ate

Beside that, we analysis on Google pictures. Some pictures have shown below:

We think, there no relation Objurgate with the pictures upstairs.