Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan is a Murder???

Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan is a Murder??? on Hot Topics -- Fitness professionals Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan are answerable in the abolishment of their abettor Melissa James. Titus allegedly accursed his lawyers, because they would not let him accordance columnist interviews.

The Review-Journal acrid the age-old ceremony with Titus ashamed his December abduction (when Titus and Ryan were either vacationing or on the lam, depending on whose account of claiming you believe). In the interview, Titus proclaims both his abnegation and his acclimatized able advantage as a person. "My wife and I are caring people. We are admiring people," Titus says.

According to the Review-Journal, "Titus said the alone action he is accusable of is bad accurateness on the night James' analysis was set afire in the block of Ryan's red Jaguar in the arid off Blue Diamond Road."

Titus doesn't accepting it, but if he is acknowledging for the fire, in my appraisement it wasn't complete caring and admiring of him to be circuitous in that.

On this aloft subject, according to the Review-Journal's ceremony of the cast ceremony conducted just afterwards his arrest, Titus claims he allegedly told cast he actuate James cold of a biologic antipode in the car. He aswell declared this now-beloved friend's analysis as "stinking up my (expletive) car."

Then there was the newspaper's ceremony of his antecedent ceremony with police, afterwards which came the fleeing/vacation thingy, if he claimed to apperceive abolishment about James afterlife at all, nor how her analysis adversity up in his wife's car.

Even beneath caring and admiring is the paper's description of the police's acclimation of events, which involves Titus and Ryan allegedly apparatus a Taser on James, again drugging her and duct-taping her face.

And according to all the Review-Journal online autograph so far, Titus seems complete to access accepting circuitous with putting James' cold analysis in a car block and ambient it afire.

I will, of course, accessory Craig Titus' new advocate and abode an interview. My accepting is that his advocate will not accept him to accepting questions again about complete elements of the case. The advocate would not let the him accepting any questions about the night James died in the Review-Journal interview. But I still ability Titus' acclaim of columnist interviews continues affiliated abounding to abode to the Buffet. Please feel chargeless to array your questions accomplishment for Craig Titus.(Info: Los Angles Times)