Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ruby and The Rockits : A New Comedy for ABC Family

Ruby and The Rockits : A New Comedy for ABC Family on Hot Topics -- Did you have been watch Ruby and The Rockits show???. Yup, Ruby and The Rockits : A New Comedy for ABC Family. A family comedy called “Ruby & the Rockits” that premieres Tuesday on ABC Family. I think if you watch “Ruby & the Rockits”, it means you have a right choice. “Ruby & the Rockits” is a decent family comedy whose biggest appeal is the stars of the show: two Cassidy brothers and those are the two you see on camera.

David Cassidy as a stars of “Ruby & the Rockits”. David Cassidy is a half-brother of Patrick Cassidy. Patrick Cassidy who was born in Los Angeles, California on January 4th 1962. He is an American actor. He grew up in a Irish-American family. His parent's are Shirly Jones and Jack Cassidy. He have brother, they are Ryan and Shaun Cassidy.

In fact, “Ruby & the Rockits” feels a lot like those sitcoms, which had those annoying moments toward the end, filled with corny music and a simple message of the week (which were not much more intelligent than Jerry Springer’s “final thoughts” segment on his “talk show”).

The most interesting aspect of the show is the chemistry between the Cassidy brothers. With Shaun Cassidy (the former heart-throb) producing and doing some writing on the show, and another brother, Ryan, the production designer. On-screen, however, the odd dynamics between Patrick and David Cassidy are apparent, but that can work in the show’s favor because one of the big points is that sibling rivalry can be passed down from generation to generation.

“Ruby & the Rockits” has some funny moments in its first two episodes, but there could be more, one of the show’s biggest drawbacks. Still, it’s simple enough for the kids and entertaining enough for the adults, and that’s really all that matters in this case.