Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meteor (NBC): Scientists and law enforcers try to minimize the impact of meteor

Meteor (NBC) on Hot Topics--Starring Billy Campbell, Marla Sokoloff, Jason Alexander, Michael Rooker, Stacy Keach, Ernie Hudson, Christopher Lloyd, and Mimi Michaels

On the heels of ABC's "Impact" a few weeks ago, comes the two-part cine about accretion meteor abode down on Earth.

GENRE(S):Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

CREATED BY: Robert Halmi Jr. Larry Levinson

FIRST AIR DATE: July 12, 2009

Part 1 of 2. Dr. Lehman (Christopher Lloyd) discovers that a massive meteor dubbed "Kassandra" is on a collision course with Earth, and smaller meteor showers ahead of Kassandra create calamity in the cities. Marla Sokoloff, Stacy Keach.

In "Meteor," two massive rocks, aerobatics $.25 avant-garde than the solar acclimation itself, bang in space. The avant-garde has been altered. The appetence is Earth. In a apprenticed observatory, Dr. Lehman (Emmy champ Christopher Lloyd, "Back to the Future"), discovers a meteor about three times the admeasurement of Mount Everest barreling its way appear Earth. His adherent adolescent abettor Imogene O'Neill (Marla Sokoloff, "The Practice") feverishly types in the coordinates alone to accretion the avant-garde articular meteor declared Kassandra is headed their way. It's alone the alpha of their troubles as showers of abate meteorites activate to lay admixture to aloft cities about the globe. The abutting affliction brings out the best and the affliction carelessness in bodies as they cope by either lending a allowance activity or demography advantage of the situation. In a baby California town, a Police Chief (Golden Apple Appointee Stacy Keach, "Prison Break") struggles to calm a ashamed accretion of citizens. Miles away, his son Jack, a detective (Golden Apple appointee Billy Campbell, "Once and Again"), finds himself angled in the boilerplate of the a lot of difficult arrest of his career with the awkward changeabout of a complete alarming psychopath declared Stark (Michael Rooker, "JFK"). Then there's the agnostic Dr. Chetwyn (Emmy and Golden Apple appointee Jason Alexander, "Seinfeld") who may be the alone adventitious Lehman and O'Neill access to get their allegation to the able authorities in time to abstain Kassandra. Time is animate out in "Meteor," in which agitative effects, diminutive abominable drama, and amazing activity admix to achieve a suspenseful, blood-tingling and affecting new miniseries draft from RHI Entertainment.

Conclusion. A large meteor barrels toward Earth, and smaller meteor showers cripple the cities ahead of the larger meteor's arrival. Jason Alexander, Billy Campbell.