Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Topics Today: Gongoozler

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People called someone as Gongoozler caused of they enjoys watching ectivity on the canals. Usually, Gongoozler comes from United Kingdom. The term is also often used in a more general way to describe those who have an interest in canals and the canal life, but do not actively participate. Beside that, people also can called canal workers' as Gongoozlers.

Based on wikipedia
The word may have arisen from words in Lincolnshire dialect: gawn and gooze, both meaning to stare or gape. Although it might be presumed that such an expression would date from the nineteenth century, when canals were at their peak, the word is only recorded from the end of that century or the early twentieth. It was given wider use by the late L. T. C. Rolt, who used it in his book about canal life, Narrow Boat, in 1944.

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