Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sahel Kazemi Pictures

Saleh Kazemi is the woman found dead along with Steve McNair today, in what some are saying could be a murder suicide. Read more and see photos and video here.

Famed NFL quarterback Steve McNair was found dead today in Tennessee, alongside him was 20-year-old Saleh Kazemi, both suffered fatal gunshot wounds. Ever since reports hit of Steve McNair’s death, searches for pics and video of Saleh Kazemi have flooded the Internet, and we’ve got them here.

According to reports, Sahel Kazemi and Steve McNair had a relationship that could be described as dating, even though McNair is married, and Saleh Kazemi has a boyfriend named Keith. Some believe the circumstances of their deaths point to a murder suicide, but officials have yet to confirm it.

The pistol that was allegedly used in the killings was found under Sahel Kazemi’s body. She had a fatal gunshot wound to the head, and Steve McNair had four bullet wounds; two in the head and two in his body.

Saleh Kazemi’s sister told the Florida Times-Union that McNair had planned to leave his wife so that he and Saleh may be together. Apparently McNair and his wife had already been living separately. Saleh’s sister also describes her as “independent, outgoing, and very strong.”