Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Management Leadership For Tomorrow: MLT Program

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Management Leadership For Tomorrow: MLT Program with keyword; management leadership for tomorrow, mlt, mlt boot camp, john rice mlt, mlt john rice. MLT or Management Leadership for Tomorrow is a national non-profit management thet developed by next generation of African American, Hispanic/Latino and Native American leaders in major corporations, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurial ventures. MLT works with several non-profits to develop the next generation of committed social change agents and to supply growing non-profit organizations with the talent they need to scale. Partners help prepare MLT Fellows pursue their social entrepreneurship goals and to pursue careers in the social sector. MLT is a key source of top diverse talent for its non-profit partners, providing the business talent that partners critically need to scale their organizations and broaden their impact.

Beside that, they have more than 30 partners of top graduated business school. The 30 top graduated business school are committed to improving the quality and diversity of their student bodies.