Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jordan Crawford Dunk On Lebron

LeBron James, the self-proclaimed King of basketball, is spending the off-season annex up a basketball training affected accustomed as the LeBron James Skills Academy. The camp, sponsored by NIKE, gives arresting top academy hotshots the adventitious to alternation with the best, that is, LeBron. However, there looks to be a new claiming to the throne. Apparently, Xavier blooming Jordan Crawford got the bigger battle on LeBron during a aces up adventurous and dunked, two-handed and HARD, on the 6-foot-8 NBA superstar. Video rolling, and all.

LBJ even told the Nike accession around, to accumulated everyones tapes, from whoever video taped the game. It wass a two hour game, and it happened about 20 annual into the game. Bodies don’t lie about this. I bet LBJ isn’nt even traveling to admitt to that happening, until they consistently address about it, and he is just traveling to ascertain it away, and say it’s authentic quitely, just like Michael Jordan did if Allen Iverson above him up, and accustomed MJ can’t bouncer anyone, yet no one can bouncer Iverson.

Lebron James is a little baby. He doesn’t ambition bodies to see the dunk, so he gets the NIKE bodies to crop the people’s tapes. What a self-centered, ego-maniac, egoistic abecedarian and getting he is.

I acquire never credible such a egoistic NBA abecedarian like Lebron James. LBJ plays for the stats. Not a ballhog, for points. But just accessory at his adventurous abut the Knicks breadth he abandoned over 50 believability on them, in 2008-2009. He pushed his teammates, and fell out of apprenticed about injuiring himself, in a adventurous that was already over, just so he could get what he apprehension would be a acclaimed 50 point abecedarian bifold game.

Lebron James is absolute overrated, and anyone who cast him understands absolute little about the abecedarian and getting he actually is, and a lot of of the bodies are brainwhased.

If NBA admirers account what their admired players get up to in the off-season, you may now know. According to, the Cleveland Cavaliers abecedarian LeBron James, who is the self-proclaimed King of basketball, is spending his annex up a basketball training camp.

Reports say that the camp, accustomed as the LeBron James Abilities Academy, is sponsored by NIKE and is there to accordance top academy hotshots a adventitious to alternation with the best, LeBron himself. Although babble has it, that there could be a new abecedarian to LeBron’s throne.

Young and alpha blooming Jordan Crawford allegedly got the top battle on LeBron during a auto game, if he dunked, two handed on the 6-foot-8 Cavaliers superstar. And with the cameras rolling at the time, it was apprenticed taken adversity of.

LeBron reportedly declared Lynn Merritt, who is NIKE’s Basketball Senior Director over so he could acquire a few words. Only a few moments later, Merritt approached the cameramen and confiscated the tapes. So unfortunately, we haven’t got the exact video.

But you can watch video footage of Jordan Crawford bold off his abilities below.