Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Emma Watson Became The Student Of Brown University

Emma Watson Became The Student Of Brown University on Hot Topics -- Did you know a girl who won our hearts in the role of Hermonie Grainger in the superhit Harry Potter films. Yeaaahhh.... She is Emma Watson. You can search about news update of her with this keyword harvard university, ivy league colleges, ivy league, ivy league schools, where is brown university.

Many Webster's mania talk about Emma Watson is Joining the Ivy League. Then, She became the student of prestigious Brown University in Providence, R.I., this fall.

Emma confirmed the news in an interview with Paste Magazine Monday, saying, “I am (going to university in the Fall) – to Brown, which is an Ivy League establishment in the U.S.A. I’ve got a place there to read literature.”

As You know, Brown University is a private university which is located in Providence, Rhole Islands. Then, Brown University is a member of the ivy league. Beside that Brown is the third oldest institution of higher education in New England and seventh oldest in the United States.

I think, Emma Watson get a right choice to choose Brown University. She became a star who got good skill and knowledge.