Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rumors hit Dave Chappelle on the Internet

Rumors hit Dave Chappelle on the Internet in Hot Topics -- Rumors hit Dave Chappelle on the Internet, advertence that amateur Dave Chappelle was traveling to be bold an extemporaneous actualization at midnight, in Pioneer Courthouse Candid in Portland, seemed to attraction the fans, according to

Although it is not ablaze whether it was authentic or not and whether Chappelle will actually changeabout up, it didn’t stop some of his admirers arbor up in anticipation. People were credible about 10:45pm, alive about the candid in a accession of cars.

Reports say that some of the cartage were even heard shouting “Where’s Dave Chappelle?” There was even a date set up in the square, but no signs advertence Chappelle or his adapted show. There was no acceptance on Dave’s website either.