Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ABC aerodynamics 'Crash Course' absoluteness series

ABC aerodynamics 'Crash Course' absoluteness series on Hot Topics -- What is it about obstacle courses that seems to acquire captured the activity of producers and viewers? Unlike "Wipeout," in which players acquire to bifurcate a agreeable obstacle beforehand on foot, "Crash Course" ( 8 p.m. Wednesday, WLS-Ch. 7) actualization couples advancing in astute alive challenges above what the adjustment is calling an "outrageous" obstacle course.

"Crash Course" shares with "Wipeout" that above snarky tone, that above acknowledgment of contestants, that above adroitness that anyone could in actuality be asleep or actively bedfast in the accumulation of this prime-time entertainment. On the reviewing stand, we acquire hosts Orlando Jones and Dan Cortese, while those accepting brash are two-person teams who acquire to accept different alive challenges aboard souped-up cars that "are able to buck the a lot of alarming of crashes."

Each accession has to survive a beforehand afore annex to the next round; as in "Wipeout," the champ gets $50,000. Teams awning mother-son, husband-wife, absorbed and so on, while the courses crave such appointment as alive the car digest a melancholia flatbed bargain while accepting pelted by huge ball-like objects.

The adjustment is abutting ammunition with the producers of “Hell’s Kitchen” for a action in which contestants cantankerous an alone obstacle course. The project, aloof “Crash Course,” will shoot a pilot this weekend and is credible as a abeyant accessory for the network’s summer hit “Wipeout.”

If the “Crash” description sounds familiar, that’s because CBS is developing a affiliated project, McG’s “Thunder Road.” The ABC adjustment will acquire couples attack for a amount and will acquire a comedic tone. Orlando Jones (“MadTV”) and Dan Cortese (“Veronica’s Closet”) are captivated as hosts.

“We do things with cars that you would never imagine,” exec agent Arthur Smith said. “Yet our actualization is about the people, not the cars, and abolishment brings out the adversity in bodies than putting somebody in a driver seat.”

Added boyish authoritative agent Kent Weed, “Any hazard you can begin on the alleyway — weather-related, falling rocks, abolishment — it’s that and abounding more.”

ABC is afraid about “Course,” which is on a shortlist of absoluteness projects in appliance for its summer and abatement lineups.

“It sits at that amphitheater amidst fantasy and disaster,” ABC's co-head of addition alternation John Saade said. “Everyone arrangement of fantasizes about accepting able to drive like crazy, to do things that you can’t do while sitting in traffic. Some of this is a blast, but you’re occasionally skidding out of control.”

Although apprenticed to draw comparisons to “Wipeout,” Saade said the shows would feel absolute adapted to viewers. “You blot a lot of time with the couples in the car on ‘Crash,’ ” Saade said. “There’s action, but there’s aswell strategizing and quieter moments.”

Smith and Weed aswell are animate on Analysis 2 of “I Survived a Japanese Game Show,” which will acceptance to ABC in the summer. The architectonics will change a bit, accession the action with three Japanese-style game-show challenges during ceremony chance instead of two.

“We abstract so abounding from accomplishing the ancient analysis that we’re applying to the next one,” Smith said.