Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures of Howdah Pistol

The howdah pistol was a large-caliber handgun, about with two or four barrels, acclimated in India and Africa in the mid-to-late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, during the aeon of British Colonial rule. It was about brash for defense abut tigers, lions, and added alarming animals that adeptness be encountered in bound areas. Multi-barreled designs were initially favored for Howdah pistols because they offered faster reloading than was attainable with beside revolvers, which had to be loaded and unloaded through a aboideau in the accessory of the frame.

A howdah, or houdah, is a accustomed which is positioned on the ashamed of an elephant, or occasionally some added animal, acclimated a lot of about in the able to haversack flush bodies or for use in hunting or warfare. It was aswell a aspect of affluence for the owner, and as a aftereffect were active with big-ticket gems.