Monday, August 24, 2009

Jasmine Fiore Talk About Ryan Jenkins Death

Jasmine Fiore Talk About Ryan Jenkins Death on Hot Topics -- Ryan Jenkins found death in Motel by Motel officer. Some speculation talk about Ryan Jenkins Death. Ryan Jenkins was wanted for the murder of his own ex-wife, former swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore. Mother of slain Swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore Talk About Ryan Jenkins Death. She said " her daughter’s ex-husband and a fugitive suspect in Fiore’s murder, was found dead from an apparent suicide." “Today” show host Ann Curry of hearing the news of Jenkins’ death, “It’s a mixed reaction. It brings some closure to what’s been going on. … We don’t have to worry about looking for him anymore, or being worried that he’s a threat to any other women or men. We still have a long process of closure.”

Beside that, Robert Hasman (Fiore’s former boyfriend) looks appeared on the “Today” show and revealed that he was in contact with the swimsuit model via text messaging days before her death. Then, He gives his statement “I can only assume that that might have been the cause, his motive.” “We exchanged several texts, also e-mails as well,” Hasman said. “The last text I received from her was about 1:45 in the morning on Friday. She wanted to come to Las Vegas. She wanted to come and see me. Her last message was, ‘I’m coming.’”

Until now, Police officer still investigate this case. Public still wait confirmation from police officer.

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