Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Manuela Horn Stand Up on #20 on America's Got Talent

Manuela Horn Stand Up on #20 on Hot Topics -- America's Got Talent were treated to two rather cruel and evil "Vegas Verdicts" on this past week. Some judges select the auditions would be part of the 40 on America's Got Talent. So many fans not satisfy about the choices from the judges. People think some people with no talent be part of the Top 40 while some with amazing acts were sent packing.

Yeah... it's competition, all people can't be satisfy about the decisions. Some must be not satisfy, here is the list of Top 40 on America's Got Talent :

  1. Acrodunk, Houston, Texas (Basketball Dunking Entertainers)
  2. African High Flyers, Orlando, Florida (Acrobats)
  3. Allzma, Las Vegas, Nevada (Singers/Musicians)
  4. Arcadian Broad, Orlando, Florida (Dancer)
  5. Barbara Padilla, Houston, Texas (Opera Singer)
  6. Breaksk8, Kokomo, Indiana (Breakdancing Roller Skaters)
  7. Bri Bernstein, Las Vegas, Nevada (Singer/Musician)
  8. Carol Loo, Jersey City, New Jersey (Dancer)
  9. Charles DeWayne, La Verne, California (Singer/Musician)
  10. Coney Island Chris, Naugatuck, Connecticut (Slideshow)
  11. Dave Johnson, Renton, Washington (Acoustic Comedy)
  12. Drew Thomas, Orlando, Florida (Illusionist)
  13. Eleisha Miller, Amarillo, Texas (Singer/Pianist)
  14. EriAm, Seattle, Washington (Singing Group)
  15. Erik and Rickie, Seattle, Washington (Ballroom Dancers)
  16. Fab 5, Morgan, Utah (Power Tap Dancers)
  17. FootworKINGz, Chicago, Illinois (Dance Ensemble)
  18. G-Force, Amherst, Ohio (Girl Band)
  19. Grandma Lee, Jacksonville, Florida (Comedian)
  20. Hairo Torres, Grants Pass, Oregon (Breakdancer)
  21. Ishaara, Berkely, California (Bollywood Dance Group)
  22. Jeffrey Ou, Carrollton, Texas (Pianist)
  23. Kevin Skinner, Mayfield, Kentucky (Singer/Guitarist)
  24. Lawrence Beamen, Walnut Creek, California (Singer)
  25. Manuela Horn, Seattle, Washington (Comedic variety)
  26. Marcus Terrell, Kansas City, Missouri (Singer)
  27. Mario & Jenny, Las Vegas, Nevada (Comedy Variety Duo)
  28. Matt & Anthony, New York, New York (Dance/Musician Duo)
  29. Mia Boostrom, North Dighton, Massachusetts (Singer/Musician)
  30. Mosaic, Las Vegas, Nevada (A Capella Singing Group)
  31. Pam Martin & Viva, Garland, Texas (Dog Variety Act)
  32. Paradizo Dance, Brooklyn, New York (Acrobatic Dance Group)
  33. Pixies Mystere, Cape May, New Jersey (Dance/Contortionist Group)
  34. Pete Peterkin "The Rock & Roll President," Brooklyn, New York (Impersonator)
  35. The Platt Brothers, San Diego, California (Variety Act)
  36. Recycled Percussion, Goffstown, New Hampshire (Band)
  37. The Texas Tenors, Houston, Texas (Singing Group)
  38. Thia Megia, Tracy, California (Singer)
  39. Tony Hoard, New Castle, Indiana (Canine Flying Disc Team)
  40. The Voices of Glory, Highland, New York (Singers)

Manuela Horn is on Top 20. Horn is a comedian. On 1995 - 1999, Horn is student of acting school in Frankfurt Germany. Since 1997 she became independent actress, Singer, Comedian and host. Here is the videon of Horn when she on America's Got Talent.