Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Personal Life of Casey Jennings and Kerri Walsh

Personal Life of Case Jennings and Kerri Walsh on Hot Topics -- Casey Thomas Jennings or Casey Jennings was born on July 10 1975. Casey Jenningsis an American beach volleyball player. Casey Jennings Casey Jennings was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Casey Jennings graduated from Sociology of Brigham Young University.

Casey Jennings have been married with Hillary Clark on June 5 ,1999. unfortunately, Casey Jennings and Hilary Clark filed for divorce on November 17, 2000. Today, Casey Jennings became a husband of Kerri Walsh. Casey Jennings married with Kerri Walsh on December 4, 2005 in Palm Springs, California.

Kerri Lee Walsh or Kerri Walsh a wife of Casey Jennings is an American professional beach volleyball player too. Kerri Walsh was born on August 15 1978. Kerri Walsh was born in Santa Clara, California and grew up in Saratoga, California. Kerri Walsh graduated from Stanford University in 2000, she get B.A in American Studies. Kerri Walsh meet Casey Jennings when they play on the same competition. Today, many article talk about son of Kerri Walsh and Casey Jennings.