Monday, August 3, 2009

Saving Hundreds Dollars With The Grocery Game

Saving Hundreds Dollars With The Grocery Game on Hot Topics -- Have ever try The Grocery Game??? Do You want to try it??? Some people give his statement about the grocery games, he said Grocery games can save his money up to hundreds bugs. Do you believe it???. I have already visited the website of Grocery Games. I will try to explain about Grocery Games, is It will give you benefit or Not??

In The Grocery Games you must access to weekly coupons and regular internet access. LA Times News Paper or your local news paper will get you all of the necessary coupons.Every week you will get list called by Teri's list. Teri's list will explain the lowest priced products at your supermarket matched with manufacturers’ coupons and weekly specials — advertised and unadvertised. The Grocery Game's will research and present to you. There are many color on Teri's list such as: Black items are a good price, Blue items are for stockpiling, Green items are free. You must check of the items you want to buy, print your customized list, pull the corresponding coupons and you’re ready to shop.

Here is the testimonial of the Gamers that I get from The Grocery Game Website:

I just wanted to tell you how much of a blessing The Grocery Game has been to my family. You see, several years back we found out my husband and children have multiple food allergies. This makes grocery shopping not only difficult, but very expensive... our grocery budget had climbed higher than a mortgage. I knew I had to do something to get this under control, but "How?!"

Before The Grocery Game) I began cutting back... I worked hard and was able to shave about $200 a month off our grocery bill. There was one problem though... empty cabinets. At the end of the month it was so frustrating to scrounge around and try to come up with a meal with what was left in the cabinets... I was exasperated.

Another mom I knew suggested the grocery game. Truthfully, I thought "Yea.... that's a joke! It will never save us money; there are no coupons for what we eat!" I went to the website anyway and just looked. I couldn't resist just trying it out for $1 for four weeks..... just to show that "it wouldn't work"!

Hoy, was I ever wrong!!! The first month I spent about the same amount that we usually spent on groceries each month. There was one big difference though.... full cabinets! And a full closet in the bathroom... and an increasingly full freezer... and paper products stored on top of my freezer...

It truly took me about 12 weeks to get to the "cherry picking" stage... and cut my grocery budget almost in half!

Needless to say... I have suggested the Grocery Game to many friends and acquaintances over the last year and a half. I tell them they can save far more than me because they don't have food limitations. Most just laugh and say they don't have time for coupons. The ones who try it though are the ones who come back and hug my neck and say, "Thank you for telling me about this! I'm saving so much money for my family!" Yes, you can save money with the Grocery Game, even if your family has food allergies!

Thank you Grocery Game!!!

Teri - Athens, GA

OK, Are you interested??? If yes, have a nice try The Grocery Games. Good Luck!!!!