Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Vick Join To Eagles

Michael Vick Join To Eagles on Hot Topics -- Michael Dwayne Vick or Michael Vick join to Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Vick was born on June 26 1980 in Newport News (Virginia) made decision moving to another team. Michael Vick will join to Philadelphia Eagles.

Derek Boyko, Philadelphia Eagles spokesman, was confirm to press by email that the team has signed the former Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl Quarterback. Beside that, Michael Vick joining to Philadelphia Eagles for about 2 years. First year of the deal, Michael Vick get $1.6 million. Beside that, Philadelphia Eagles coach "Andy Reid" think Michael Vick is a professional player. Andy Reid say ""Number one, I think he's a good kid. Right now we have a good situation at quarterback so that's not the direction I'm looking."

Andy Reid should have stopped at No. 1. The rest makes about as much sense as Ortiz's defense.

The Eagles are a win-now team that could use a little extra dash of quarterback specialist excitement. If Donovan McNabb is threatened by the idea of Vick getting a few snaps a game when the dog fighter's suspension ends, he needs to grow up.

Philadelphia would actually be one of the easiest places Vick could play too. Many think that Eagles fans are cruel, but the truth is they also see through phoniness.

This continued manufactured furor over Michael Vick getting a chance to play again is as phony as phony gets. Eagles fans would let Vick move on.