Thursday, August 6, 2009

Don Imus Radio Show: Mr. Imu's Cancer Diagnosis

Don Imus Radio Show: Mr. Imu's Cancer Diagnosis on Hot Topics -- American radio host, Humorist, Writer, and Philanthropist is a kind Jobs of Don Imus. John Donald Imus, Jr. was born on July 23rd 1940. Almost people known Imus with related words like: "Imus In The Morning", "Don Imus Cancer", "Don Imus Radio Show", "Don Imus Website", etc.

Don Imus and his wife have welcomed more than 1000 children with a kind of cancer in children bodies. Don Imus and his wife also gives life's spirit to the children. He doing this activity caused by he care about cancer. Beside that Don Imus had cancer in March. Biopsy from hospital confirmed that Mr. Imus, the outspoken talk show host, had Stage 2, or intermediate, prostate cancer.

Hopefully, more then one Imus that care about cancer. So many Imus in this world will be a cancer suffers not feel lonely. Thanks Imus!!!...

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