Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Trial of the Champion is the new 5-man instance of Patch 3.2

The Trial of the Champion is the new 5-man instance of Patch 3.2 on Hot Topics -- Today I was visited and read announcement of The Trial of the Champion. They explain, there are 3 things that you needs to know before you join this game. There are:
  1. The instance is very short, it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to clean it.
  2. All bosses here will drop epic items, the normal mode of the instance will reward you with ilvl 200 loot, 213 in heroic mode
  3. The Heroic Mode of the instance drops, Champion seals.
Here is the list of mode:

Heroic Mode:
200PlateMelee.DPSChestBreastplate of the Imperial Joust
200PlateMelee.DPSHandsGauntlets of the Stouthearted Crusader
200PlateMelee.DPSHeadMask of the Violent Fray
200PlateMelee.DPSWaistGirdle of Arrogant Downfall
200PlateSpell MP5FeetGreaves of the Grand Paladin
200PlateSpellHeadHelm of the Bested Gallant
200PlateTankFeetBoots of Heartfelt Repentance
200PlateTankHandsMercy's Hold
200PlateTankLegsLegguards of Abandoned Fealty
200PlateTankWaistGirdle of the Pallid Knight
200MailPhys.DPSFeetScale Boots of the Outlander
200MailPhys.DPSWaistBelt of Merciless Cruelty
200MailPhys.DPSWristWristguards of Ceaseless Regret
200MailSpell MP5ChestCarapace of Grim Visions
200MailSpellLegsLeggings of the Bloodless Knight
200LeatherPhys.DPSHandsGloves of the Argent Fanatic
200LeatherPhys.DPSLegsLeggings of Brazen Trespass
200LeatherPhys.DPSShoulderShoulderpads of the Infamous Knave
200LeatherPhys.DPSWaistBelt of Fierce Competition
200LeatherSpellHeadGaze of the Somber Keeper
200LeatherSpellShoulderMantle of Gnarled Overgrowth
200LeatherSpellWaistBinding of the Tranquil Glade
200ClothSpell HitWaistBelt of the Churning Blaze
200ClothSpell HitWristBindings of the Wicked
200ClothSpellHandsHandwraps of Surrendered Hope
200ClothSpellLegsLeggings of the Haggard Apprentice
200ClothSpellShoulderMantle of Inconsolable Fear
200ClothSpellWaistThe Confessor's Binding
200BackMelee.DPSBackDrape of the Undefeated
200FingerMelee.DPSFingerUruka's Band of Zeal
200FingerSpellFingerSignet of Purity
200NeckSpell HitNeckBrilliant Hailstone Amulet
200TrinketPhys.DPSTrinketBanner of Victory
200TrinketSpellTrinketAbyssal Rune
200TrinketSpellTrinketTears of the Vanquished
200TrinketTankTrinketThe Black Heart

Normal Mode:
213AxeMelee.DPSTwo-HandEdge of Ruin
213DaggerSpellMain HandSpectral Kris
213GunPhys.DPSRangedTrue-aim Long Rifle
213MacePhys.DPSOne-HandAledar's Battlestar
213MaceSpell MP5Main HandMariel's Sorrow
213SwordTankOne-HandPeacekeeper Blade
213PlateMelee.DPSFeetPlated Greaves of Providence
213PlateMelee.DPSLegsLegplates of Relentless Onslaught
213PlateMelee.DPSShoulderMajestic Silversmith Shoulderplates
213PlateMelee.DPSWristVambraces of Unholy Command
213PlateSpell MP5HandsGauntlets of Revelation
213PlateSpell MP5LegsLegplates of the Argent Armistice
213PlateSpellWaistTrueheart Girdle
213PlateTankHeadHelm of the Crestfallen Challenger
213PlateTankShoulderRegal Aurous Shoulderplates
213MailPhys.DPSChestChestguard of the Ravenous Fiend
213MailPhys.DPSHandsGloves of the Dark Exile
213MailPhys.DPSShoulderPauldrons of Concealed Loathing
213MailSpell HitShoulderPauldrons of the Deafening Gale
213MailSpell MP5WaistGirdle of the Dauntless Conqueror
213LeatherPhys.DPSFeetTreads of Dismal Fortune
213LeatherPhys.DPSHeadMask of Distant Memory
213LeatherPhys.DPSWristArmbands of the Wary Lookout
213LeatherSpell HitFeetBarkhide Treads
213LeatherSpellHandsGloves of Dismal Fortune
213LeatherSpellLegsLeggings of the Snowy Bramble
213ClothSpell HitFeetBoots of the Crackling Flame
213ClothSpell HitHeadGaze of the Unknown
213ClothSpellChestEmbrace of Madness
213BackSpell HitBackKurisu's Indecision
213FingerSpell HitFingerSinner's Confession
213FingerTankFingerMark of the Relentless
213NeckPhys.DPSNeckAncient Pendant of Arathor
213NeckSpell MP5NeckSymbol of Redemption
213NeckTankNeckThe Warlord's Depravity