Monday, August 10, 2009

Connor Cruise Son's of Michael Jackson

Connor Cruise Son's of Michael Jackson on Hot Topics -- Connor Cruise Son's of Michael Jackson. Today, Claire cruise or Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise (ex-wife of MJ and Tom Cruise) claims Connor Cruise is her biological Children. Then, She also claim her self became the mother of three of Michael Jackson children.

Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise or Connor Cruise gives her statement to press and proudly became the mother of of biological of Michael Jackson son's. Here is the statement of Connor Cruise "I am legally married to Michael Joseph Jackson, I am the sole biological mother of all three Jackson children. 6-25-2009 I am officially engaged to my childhood sweetheart Joseph Caputo.... We shall wed in a non-legally binding ceremony. Chris is the biological father of Blanket Prince Michael Jackson, II. When my legal husband, Michael Joseph Jackson, was informed that Chris and I had successfully become officially engaged on June 25th, 2009, Michael took his own life."

Claire Cruise give her son (Connor Cruise) into Tom Cruise because Jackson did not want Connor Cruise because he is black skin.

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